[Brickonicle] Kini Nui mess attack

Garbage link to the LDD file.
So, I actually tried hard with this. The problem was that I was in a Howard Scott Warshaw dilemma; I normally like to make my MOCs this big within 2-3 months, and starting later than usual caused this to become a hot mess. Redesigning it to be bigger due to unplanned cramped space under the doors and other problems, and the fact that I had to connect the majority portion to the top function screws over the functionality; the fact that I had to do that within the last night and also integrate a technic function I never did makes this the crowning E.T. of cult MOCs.

So yeah, info thing:
Kini Nui attack
2814(+?) pieces
Reenact iconic scenes in the Mata Nui Online Game and Mask of Light with the giant Kini Nui!
-Open the lower steps to find a Rahkshi and non-present nuva armor to equip the toa!
-Fly the Kahu in to destroy the 2 Nui-Rama and Nui-Jaga (extra Rama and Jaga not present)!
-Push the mask pedestal down to lower the toa Pull open the trapdoors to throw the Toa into the $100 Makuta lair with bohrok nest and Takanuva the bottom, where you can pick them back out with great struggle through the Kini steps!
-Reenact the iconic prophecy with Nuju and Vakama at the Amaja-nui (Literally the only good part of the set)!

So yeah, there was that. Why am I not just posting this tomorrow or working on it to make it better? Because my subconscious urges me to try and post it now, so yeah whatever.

Cringe Enjoy!

Edit: Photo-things here.

Jaller and Kahu

Toa at the incomplete mask thingy

The lone tree.


Post 3 more pictures just so you don’t get disqualified; the rules state that you need four pictures to qualify! :smiley:

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Although it’s a rather impressive MOC from the sheer size of it, I’m left rather dissatisfied with the lack of play functions, a key part to most LEGO sets (even the large minifig-scale UCS sets).


sadly, yes; this is a massive mess…
I just looked under the build and-

(the support arn’t even touching the ground)

Theirs glaring gaps from various of angles and some stuff were either incomplete or mis-colored.

The only good design I found are the pillar.


Honestly, this is not bad at all. It could look a bit more cohesive, but you’ve got the shape of Kini-Nui down - the pillars and stairs look especially good.

The only other criticism I’d put is that the presentation could be better - perhaps using a render rather than LDD screenshots - but I’m sure that was due to time constraints. Good luck!

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Not gonna lie, this is probably the best iteration of the Kini-Nui I’ve seen during this contest, albeit with a few flaws. The pillars are just amazing, and the amount of detail in the KIni-Nui is really impressive. It also resembles a Lego set in the fact that you get three years of Kini-Nui action into one set, making like a UCS.

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It looks good, but I’m not sure I would buy it.

Pretty impressive size, maybe a little rushed/chaotic build, but still cool!

Like pretty much all the Kini Nui entries this is way too big and compact to be a Lego set

but it looks alright as a MOC
the build is way too messy thought

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