Brickonicle "Matau's Dark Hunter Encounter"

Okay. This is my first post to any message board. Better make a good first impression.

Deep in Po-Metru, Toa Matau is in trouble! Build his new hoverboard to help him escape. But watch out! Dark hunters Krekka and Nidhiki are close on his tail with their slicing claws and stud shooting laser cannon! Will Matau catch up with his friends? Or will he be hunted to extinction?

PIECE COUNT: 244 pieces
COST: $20

So I am a really big fan of the Bionicle: Legends of Metru Nui movie that came out in 2004. That year introduced a major change in scenery from tribal jungles and beaches to a giant underground metropolis. One of my favorite concepts from that year are the dark hunters, especially Krekka and Nidhiki!

Anyways, you’re probably here to look at my MOC. Let me show you each part of the “set” in the opposite order in which I built them.

So here’s Toa Matau on his hoverboard. It was the last part of the set that I built.

I tried so many times to get the katanas to form a jetpack on Matau. But, I couldn’t figure it out. So, I decided a hoverboard with the katanas as wings would be an OK substitute. Matau can still remove katanas to use for combat.

So here’s my attempt at making a system Nidhiki model.

For both Krekka and Nidhiki, I started by designing the head and worked down from there. For Nidhiki, I tried to add one of those stud launchers to where the mouth would be, but it just threw off the design so I tried to create a more streamlined approach.

One of the challenges I faced was getting most of the unique insect features that Nidhiki had, such as his claws and his legs, to translate properly to system form. I think the claws came out better than the legs.

Here is a demonstration of Nidhiki’s posablility.
If I had some more Mixel joints, I could have made Nidhiki more posable. However, I used all of them on Krekka. I could have bought more on bricklink, but I don’t know how to use it yet. I’m 18 and I don’t know how to use BRICKLINK!

Now here is the part of the set I put 90% of my effort into. This is Krekka. I made Krekka before Nidhiki and Matau because I already had an idea for the head design. After I made the head, I just kept working on it until it was finished.

I based the head off of images from the Legends of Metru Nui movie rather than the original Bionicle set design. In hindsight, the head looks a little derpy to me but whatever.

As stated earlier I used ALL of my Mixel joints on this guy. Krekka was, and still is, one of my favorite Bionicle characters so I wanted to make his system representation to be as expressive as he was in the movie.

Krekka’s shoulder cannon can also unfold from his back. A normal disc launcher looks to big at this scale and a normal stud shooter looked unimpressive. Luckily, I had a leftover 6 stud shooter from one of the Protector sets and I think it looks pretty good. Unfortunately, the shooter is relatively heavy so Krekka always needs to be hunched over to stand on his own, which gives him a very primal look. Also, the 6 shooter required me to add a backpack on Krekka so the studs wouldn’t hit him in the back of the head when fired.

As I stated many times before, I don’t know how Bricklink works. So, all of these guys were cobbled together from pieces in my collection. I haven’t built with system for almost 4 years. If I had more Mixel joints, I think I could have made Nidhiki better. Still, they are really fun to mess around with, especially Krekka.


Krekka: “Excuse me, but did you see a green toa with a hoverboard come through here?”
Nidhiki: “Oh, why do I even bother?”

“Get… Nidhiki…”


This is really cool, however Matau being human is kinda odd with Krekka and Nidhiki being no human. Krekka is awesome though.

(also this needs to be in Lego Creations, I think)

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This looks cool, although Matau being human (or looking human) isn’t that great in my opinion.
Everything else is nice, especially Krekka.

The Krekka looks awesome, man!
Nidhiki is question able, and Matau is alright

Something about Nidhiki’s legs looks a bit odd, but I like the look of him otherwise. Krekka is also wonderfully designed, very faithful to how he looks in the movie.

The way you made krekka’s head is scarily accurate to the movie rendition. The nidhiki has potential, i feel that if the legs had more range of motion to allow for a more natural stance it would exponentially improve the design.

Krekka is excellent, and Nidhiki mostly works, except for maybe the legs. The Matau with the hoveboard is also a nice touch, but Matau is really out of scale with Nidhiki and Krekka,

That Krekka head design is really clever, nice job.

Regardless of everything else.

That Krekka is cool.

You did a great job on that Krekka fig.
Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

Pretty cool! I like Krekka, but I think Nidhiki could have had better legs and something to represent eyes.

Krekka is better than the actual set :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, that is a good set for the real story. Nice to read your story.

This is really cool.

I love that Krekka!

The Krekka model is amazing, but the nidiki one is… not