Brickonicle Matoran Heads

I drew some matoran and villain heads

the heads are a crazy magician, a guy called scar a bigfig cyclops called muscle an old evil turaga a cyborg a creepy purple smiley guy an evil forest man torakh from a brickonicle fanfic a trained guard who owns a black belt at karate and a female based on roodaka

Ta Matoran

Top row: Takua, Jaller Kapura and Nuhrii
Bottom Row:Scars, Blacksmith, Keahi and a random female ta koro warrior

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These are




Those are waaay too cartoony and crazy for my tastes. I also don’t like that they’re human looking, with human elements.

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they are kinda supposed to be almost like prints if you wil

MS Paint circle tool? If this was hand-drawn, it would be better.

As in paper.

oh okay but thanks

These kind of just look like human emoji with grey faces…


They look a lot like Thomas the Train Engine,


Oh my…

These faces strangely remind me of the Podcasters.


I can only say that your heart is in the right place.

Buuuuuuuuuut… You need to go back with the art direction.

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TBH I regret making these so much criticism

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Critisism is often painful but I wouldn’t regret anything.

Just take it for what it is and improve what you make next.

At worst some folk just spent 2 seconds of their lives to tell you something that doesn’t matter but other times it provides useful insight that can make you into a better creator overall.

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Don’t worry

You get back on it and get better.

My first picture was awful too…
Like really terrible…

You just gotta keep going!

Motivational music


The criticism on my other posts is much worse

Tank Engine, but I agree somewhat

There’s a tool in MS Paint, a rounded-square option, like the circle option, which I believe would be more beneficial to the concept art, and more believable as minifig heads.

Furthermore, perhaps it might benefit us the viewers to see how some of these look with masks on? They being Matoran and that typically being the custom in this universe.

I do like a few of the concepts rendered here. In particular the tan-faced, red-eyed one at the bottom-right of the top photo. It’s more visually interesting above the others in my eyes, and I think with a little tweaking you could have a seriously nice character design there. :slight_smile:

Thanks, they are all designed to fight certain toa, they are almost like the toa but evil, he is supposed to be a mad jungle warrior, an enemy of lewa