Brickonicle: Nui-Jaga Nest Battle

I’m glad to see someone else used the tooth part for the nui-jaga, it’s just so fitting.

This is seriously just plain awesome though. The only changes I would suggest would’ve been to add a small platform/base plate and Takua, but very clean and well put together! It feels like an actual LEGO set.

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@smeezle_deezle Thanks! I’m glad that it feels like an actual set; that’s what I was aiming for (obviously). :smiley:

Nice model! I love that Pohatu design! How did you get the HF minifigure helmet and Hau in Or did you use a different program to render?

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@AIDY_the_BOOKLE I used LDD (Lego Digital Designer).

I was originally going to use but they didn’t have the HF pieces I needed.

I used Bluerender to render the images.

pov-ray was a nightmare…

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More like a $12.00 set, but beautiful nonetheless.

@Alex_Twenty_Two Thanks!

However, while I don’t think it should be $25.00 as it is now, I think it would still end up being around $20.00 (especially if I added Takua).

For a $12.00 set it would most likely be reduced to Pohatu, the Nui-Jaga, maybe Takua and a small piece of scenery.

Not necessarily. The piece count can be ignored in this instance because of the amount of plastic in this model. For example if LEGO sold a box filled with 500 1x1 rounded plates, they wouldnt sell it for $50.00 because it is so little plastic being sold. Same reason LEGO sells the 186 piece General Grievous for $35.00 instead of $18.00 because it uses a ton of plastic. This model here uses very little plastic due to the fact a lot of it is greebles.

@Alex_Twenty_Two I can see that; I was comparing it to other $10.00-$12.00 sets like this one Based solely on size I think this would end up being more expensive than $10.00-$12.00, but I may be wrong.

That’s awesome! 10/10 would buy!

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Really nice job on this! First of all, it definitely looks like an official set and not just someone’s MOC. The Pohatu and Nui Jaga figs are really well done, and the play functions are well thought out.

If I had one criticism, I’d say the MOC could benefit from a dash of colour - the brown is good but it needs a little extra to spice it up. The Hau also isn’t to scale, but at the same time I kind of like that - plus it’d be a lot harder to hit with a minifig-scale Hau.

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