[Brickonicle] Race for the Mask of Control

Race for the Mask of Control
Part Count 524
Price $60

The Toa need to drop the mask of control deeper into the maze of control to keep Umarak from getting it. Weaken all the pillars to drop the Mask of Control below.

I couldn’t find a good way to build Pohatu. Let’s just say that he got knocked out by Umarak and is laying on the ground somewhere else.

Just push all of the pillars toward the center.

Then the platform with the mask of controll will drop down.

Another veiw of the dropped platform

The secondary platform can topple over

Umarak. I wish that I could make better anlters at this scale

All of the toa (except Pohatu, who I couldn’t build).

This isn’t as good as my first entry in my opinion. It looks sort of messy. The function is mainly what I wanted to achieve.


Very nice!

Edited title to remove typo - Skeletor
This looks nice, although it feels unfitting UTH is bigger than the Toa, when he is the same size.

I would buy this set only to have this, it looks so good

@Toa_Vladin Thanks!

@Toa_Distraxx Thanks for fixing that.

@Asriel Would you like a breakdown of it? It’s a neat little build.

I dont have the pieces to build it, but thanks for asking anyways

Neat function.

Interesting, I like the way the dropping function was engineered.

@Leoxandar Thanks! It was the original idea for the set

@Stoax Thank you! It was pretty surprising when the first version of it worked flawlessly. Most of the time with things like this, two or three versions get scrapped before a good one is found.