Brickonicle: Rahi and a few Packs

A few things

Ok so I was building a ton of stuff during the civil war moccing phase for G3 and a lot of those sets were never finished and I had a bunch of Rahi I hadn’t shown yet. I decided to finish those off and render them as I’m working on some new stuff, anyway, to the mocs!

Tiroan War Turtle

So this was me building just a crazy set, it’s a turtle that is also a troop carrier… carrying the troops in the shell, it’s something that I thought was so crazy it probably would require the Tiroans constructing an artificial shell on an injured Tuwhemua turtle (from Maori “open” and “dome”). It has 2 moving turrets and one main turret, it carries 3 troops each with inidividual weapons. The turtle has 2 main points of articulation on the legs and one in the head.

This set has 5 minifigures.
523 parts, 5 of which are masks, 24 are stud ammo.

Ihuan Battlepack and Haowar stag

So these are 2 separate sets but I built them side by side and they’re thematically similar so I just grouped them together, the battlepack consists of a sled with 2 shooters and a ski warrior. The stag consists of Rahi and rider (name from Maori for “horn” and “gentle”).

I had this cool idea that maybe during the civil war, the Ihuans used swords that could be used as snowboards, thats what I tried to do with the right guy’s sword. The pack consists of 43 pieces (2 masks, 4 make up the ammo).

The Haowar consists of 167 pieces (mask included), with 3 points of articulation in the legs, 1 in the neck and 2 on the horns. I like it, it’s unique and I think it would be a cool world building Rahi for Ihu.

Ussal Crab

It’s an ussal, I decided to have a crack at the design of a brick built Ussal and it uses G1 parts as a cool nod to other crab designs. This consists of 104 pieces (including mask).

Kanaen Ahoa Stinger

So I wanted to build this basically as a jungle dwelling insect mostly native to Kanae with many bright colours and would act as a minor inconvenience to the natives to Kanae and the Toa. They have a venomous stinger tail and can grip onto trees or their prey.

I only have 4 colour schemes but I think they could look great much like my coloured Gukko bird designs. Each is only 44 pieces.

Taewae Insect

So this is a smol insect based on a centipede, (name based on Maori for “number” and “leg”), it’s honestly kinda simple at only 66 pieces but could be cool to have.

I hope you enjoyed these designs, I have plans to do some more brickonicle stuff in future. Comments and criticisms are welcome! :slight_smile:


Spectacular creatures as always!

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Super tank turtle of doom is the best part.


*now with quad guns.


Some really cool Rahi here, the Haowar is definitely my favourite!

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I’ll have to get back to my bestiary later.


really has a biomechanical feel

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