Brickonicle: Ruined Prison Showdown

Finally got my act together and threw an entry together. So, here’s the description.

Set Number 11235
Piece count of 321
Price of $30.00
The Mad Great Being has used his power to control the mind of Miserix to attack Axonn and Helryx! Help the pair take him out. Use Helryx’s power to knock down the Great Being before Miserix destroys them all. But watch out, even the walls will come to life and attack. (I’m terrible with product descriptions. On to more pics!)

A shot of the inside.

This function is supposed to represent the walls coming to life in keeping with The Mad Great Being’s power over life. It could be better.

When I first had the idea, I knew I had to build Miserix. I tried to remain as faithful to the source picture as possible (we only have one). As you can see, I relied on constraction for the arms and legs. It works for what I was going for.

Now, on to the minifigs.

From left to right we have The Mad Great Being, skeleton, Axonn, and Helryx. After hearing the podcast about minifigs for Bionicle, I had to take Var’s suggestion and use Nexo Knights figures. Axl’s body fit Axonn perfectly.

So what do y’all think?


The Nexo Knights threw me off a little, but this is overall a nice build.

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Pretty neat would defiantly buy it, the rare/rare-ish minifigs are definitely a pull. The colors are cool.