Brickonicle: Scarabax monster

Set name: Scarabax Monster
Piece count: 179
Price: $10.99

Based on the scene in TLR with the monster made out of Scarabax beetles.

Turn the gear to rotate the monster

Includes two minifigures: Mata Nui and a Bone Hunter, plus a rock steed.

“Fero, what are you doing?”

Each set sold nowhere, since this isn’t a real set.


Fixed Spelling Error in Title - BioSquire

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First, the real thing is purple, not blue. Second, the use of a human as a BH is creative, however with a Robot Mata Rui is just seems odd and out of place. Mata Rui is okay, I guess. Overall, the MOC is a good concept (especially the Scarabax Monster, that is cool), but it just needs some work.

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well, yes, the movie version is purple, but the set version of click had dark blue, and I figured LEGO would carry that color scheme over to a brick-Click.

Plus I had more blue than purple.


Ah, I didn’t realize that. Good point.

The blocky build hardly describe what is going on; not enough detail to distinguish like a Bionicle set-

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Now this is a scene I would’ve never expected someone to recreate…that said, it’s really nice though a bit too blocky; use more curved slope pieces