[Brickonicle Set Concept]: Archive Attack

Very cool!

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do know how to get updates for LDD?

I think you can download the newest version here

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There is actually one newer version then 4.3.10 but it can only be reached by a link (not sure why).

If I remember correctly, all you have to do is download the latest version LEGO released (4.3.11) and run the installer (should simply add anything missing from your current version). I should note that LEGO will not be updating LDD beyond the version linked below.

MAC: https://lc-www-live-s.legocdn.com/downloads/ldd2.0/installer/setupLDD-MAC-4_3_11.zip

Windows: https://lc-www-live-s.legocdn.com/downloads/ldd2.0/installer/setupLDD-PC-4_3_11.exe

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@Sokoda @RAKRONDEWL thanks