[Brickonicle Set Concept]: Archive Attack

Guess who’s back…
Hi it’s Sokoda with another Brickonicle set concept! (I’ve decided to no longer call them G3 set concepts, because I think calling it G3 was one of the main issues of the project)
Let me tell you this one was a lot of work and I redid it a couple times.
This new set has 1169 pieces including the 4 masks, which I painted on the images to show how the set would look like.

So, here’s my new set:

[details=Without Background]


The set includes the Archive-temple, an Archive-Mole, an Artakha Mantis and six minifigures. The minifigures are Onua, Kopaka, Lerahk, Vorahk
The design of the temple is inspired by these pieces of artwork by @Oomatu

1. The Archive-Temple

The Archive, as the name implies is full of artifacts, creatures and is decorated with carvings. It hides a lot of G1 references and is supposed to be an ancient temple, that keeps secrets of long forgotten times.

The back of the temple is a rather flat wall, but this is necessary to allow the temple to flip open.

By detaching the stairs, the temple can be opened to grant access to the interior. The plants on the roof can be detached as well.

That way the Archive can be connected with many of my other sets in creative ways.

On the ground level of the Archive there are Rahi-stasis containers and a certain powerful spear! It also has doors, that can slide open.

The second floor can be reached with a ladder and has trophies, armor discs and a weapon collection.

2. The Rahi

The Archive-Mole is inspired by the G1 combination model and has a posable head and posable legs.

The Artakha Mantis is inspired by the G1 Metru Mantis. It can be held captive inside the Archive-Temple

3. The Minifigures

My Toa and Rahkshi are unchanged from my previous versions. For Onua I had to do some image-manipulation, because LDD still has not all pieces for Axl-figs. (That’s why he has the same pose in the first image as in my Vorahks Devourer set)

For this set I designed two new Matoran, who are supposed to be the keepers of the Archive.

Additionally I made a render with the mid-sized legs, which i think look way better.

That’s it for my new set, hope you like it and it brings some fresh discussion to the Brickonicle forum.

Link to the LDD-files is here



Those who are waiting on you to make a set concept that isn’t amazing will just forever be disappointed.

If LEGO made G3 with this quality, I would be every set I would have money for.


Thanks for your kind words^^

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I love it. It’s nice to see more of these Brickonicle sets be made. Love the amount of lore details and stuff that you always includes in these, @Sokoda. They are like mini versions of the Ninjago City and Ninjago City Docks sets.


Wow thats a huge compliment! Those sets really are a real inspiration, this set is also inspired by the Temple of The Ultimate Ultimate Weapon.


I logged in to Just Like this.

Good work!

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fantastic Creation. combination gimmick is pretty neat.

the “archives mole” look to be based on the metru mantis rather than the archives mole which was a quadrupedal Brown and black thing with claws and a row of spines along the back

Do I even need to say more about how unbelievably amazing this is (and how much I want it to be a set)

@ZceeNook , @Toatrex , @ToaKhrazix Thank you for your nice comments, it always helps to her your opinions, that way I can figure out which set concepts you like!

@Toatrex I don’t really understand what the blurred part of your comment means, did I write something wrong in my text?

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I think he’s misreading what you posted.

Also, excellent work, I especially love the Rahi.

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Oh ok and thank you

Good lord, great stuff as always Sokoda. I’ll be honest, back when Brickonicle first started I was very skeptical about the decision for it to go system, but it was your sets which made this tangible and brought me on board with the idea. Even if TTV has left this behind, I hope you keep them coming, because this stuff is a joy to see and I would definitely buy this stuff if it was actually on shelves for real. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment, the idea of Bionicle being a modern-day system theme sounded really cool for me from the begining and with my set concepts, I mostly want to show, that it could work, although I also love constraction Bionicle a lot too.
I’ll definetely do some more Brickonicle sets, but doing them always takes a lot of time, because of the decals, backgrounds and render times, but they are a lot of fun to make.


I can honestly see how much fun you have with these just from how much work you put into them, take as long as you need :stuck_out_tongue:

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Finally, I can comment on this - curse work (by that I mean my job).

Once again Sokoda, this is utterly amazing. I love how you adapted the Rahi, and it’s a joy to get a glimpse into the Tiroan Archive since I adored the Onu-Metru Archives. The little nods and functions are excellent as well; I’m always impressed by how much detail you manage to pack into such a compact space.

Now, as for a blurb:

The Brotherhood of Makuta have attacked the Tiroan Archive, with the Archivists frozen in time and the Rahi frozen in stasis! Toa Onua and Toa Kopaka must protect the Archive from the evil Rahkshi Vorahk and Lerahk, and prevent them from releasing dangerous Rahi and stealing the legendary Spear of Fusion!

(It is the Spear of Fusion, right?)


hell yeah , this is great !

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@Sanokal Awesome blurb, as always, yes it’s supposed to be the staff of fusion (it also has a nameplate with matoran writing^^), I think it’s really cool, how you always manage to kind of read my mind with the little storys I imagine for these sets!

@ToaKatoro Thank you


I promise I’m not wearing a Suletu, heh.

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that is cool as always