Brickonicle Tahu Minifig Design [Art] [Pitch] [Characters]

Hello there!
So I just stayed up for about three hours drawing and coloring this. While it's nowhere near the level of other art that has been posted, I am proud of this, and would appreciate any feedback and/or constructive criticism. Thank you!

So here we have...

Tahu upon Arrival


Toa Tahu, Wielder of Fire

Tahu Nova, Embodiment of Fire

So, now so explanations!
Tahu upon Arrival Before I begin, I want to state that I'm using this for my own version of G3 as well, and in my version, Tahu crashed to the island from the sky, hence, arrival. When Tahu lands, he has no control of the element of fire, whatsoever. He must earn his abilities by smashing an elemental orb infused into a bio-mechanical beast, a task which was dubbed 'impossible' for centuries. The color scheme he dons would be orange, red, silver, and black, along with yellow-ish eyes and heartlight.
Toa Tahu, Wielder of Fire Spoiler alert, Tahu succeeds in getting the orb and earning his mastery over the element (sort of to prove that evil can be defeated without special powers). He is given the ancient Mask of the Fire Region as a gift, which holds the ability to fill the weary users with new Strength. (before the mask was held in the fire region and gave strength to all the matoan inhabitants in that region; now it is a mobile beacon of strength, providing physical fortitude to both Toa and Matoran). He is also now fully armored, as well as are the other toa, and they go off to guard the Matoran and Defeat a mysterious evil, which is said to have come from them. I added Dark Azure (really really hot fire) to his color scheme, and replaced the silver with gold (and yes, that's supposed to be pearl gold, not dark gold). His sword is a re-colored Claymor Sword from Nexo Knights. And due to this sword, which has an open stud on either side, Tahu can ride it like a lava board!
Tahu, Embodiment of Fire There is a prophecy recited in the Book of Destiny which tells of an awesome, yet deadly, ability accessible to those who control the elements. Only saved for the most immoral of foes, this ability allows the Toa Master to become one with their element and unleash the full force of that element in a devastating attack known as the Nova Blast. The action has a price ,however; Toa Nova (as are called the Toa who utilize this power) are deprived of their elemental energies for the rest of eternity. It causes many to wonder if such potential is truly only for toa, and what would happen if one went rouge? So this form is essentially "the toa are the elements themselves" stuff from the end of G2. And Yes, they are supposed to be called Toa Nova, as both a play on "Nova Blast" and "Toa Nuva" from G1. Once the ability was activated and expired, the user would still be tall as his or her toa brethren, yet without elemental control, once more. This is the equivalent form of a Turaga (Veteran warriors who do more than just hit rahkshi with a staff) In dealing with the color scheme, I wanted a trans-orange or trans-red main color with Dark azure highlights (main formula being Trans-main-color & Year Two Accent color). It was kind of based off of the Airjitzu Ninjago Minifigures, if you've scene them. The 'weapons' he is wielding are the new "power blast pieces" from the new Superhero Sets; I'd figure they could be recolored in the trans-main color and be used to mimic the usage of elemental energy. Do you think this would work for a shooting gimmick, @exxtrooper?

Before I close, here's some concept art, of the concept art (some of the other toa's weapons):

What do you all think?
Does Tahu look cool? Do you think any improvements could be made?
Any other suggestions?
I thank you for your time! It is 3:00 AM for me... Why am I doing this?!?!


I'm not sure how I feel about the mask design of Tahu Wielder of Fire, but I am quite fond of the detailing and color choice, notably the blue on Tahu Nova.

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I'm not fond of the mask, but everything else looks great.

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The mask reminds me a bit too much of Pohatu, but otherwise the rest of the design looks good

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It's hard to create a mask that looks good last minute!:sweat_smile:

Thank you for the feedback and likes, ya'll! I'm glad it (mostly) looks like Tahu!

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I admire the unique take on Tahu, he reminds me of the green galaxy squad robot.


I built him with that exact head in LDD! I figured it suited him well!
Thank you for the feedback!