Brickonicle: The Forge

Price: $159,99
Pieces: 2136
Minifigs: 10 (Onua, Pohatu, Kopaka, Lewa, Gali, Tahu, Ekimu, Lava Beast, Storm Beast, Quake Beast)
Big Figs: 2 (Ekimu Statue, Makuta Statue)


Like that other forge entry,this looks amazing but could not work as a Lego set
thought this is smaller than the other one so it kinda works a bit better but still


I don’t think it’s the size that doesn’t make it work but yeah, maybe if I had a bit more time, I could make some adjustments to it to make it work better.


The Toa and matoran are a little meh, but Ekimu and Makuta are amazing. Also, is the top of the Forge really uneven like that?

And what @Ghosty said.

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Probably the best executed design of The Forge, but it still have some gripping issues.
Most areas look and feels very blocky with minimal texture/greebling and all the figures arn’t well exicuted-

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Those Ekimu and Makuta big-figs are glorious.

Looks a bit too uniform in some of the larger tan sections, so I can’t really see LEGO making this, but I really like the design and appearance as a moc!