Brickonicle Toa artistic concept

Ill be updating this as I get further and further.

But so far it is based on the “TTV canon Designs”

Much pogress Needs to be made but Ill like some feed back


These are all really good, I can’t think of any criticism exceptt for duplo


Good thing All of these guys are armed to fight it.

These character are too detailed to be Duplo like, TTV won’t accept this.


May I ask… Why everyone is going on about Duplo?

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TTV just changed their Brickonicle concepts to the more child friendly Duploonicle

Its their April fool’s joke this year

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Since this isn’t related to the Duploonicle joke, I’ll give my actual thoughts.

I really like these, Lewa’s mouth looks a bit strange, but besides that these are great.
The look of these have the old technic feel of G1, but still look like system.

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Onua needs to see a chiropractor.


Love the style

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God your Profile picture is majestic.

ah right I mean that I took his hunchbacked apperence from his G1 and added a rough sense of his G3 canon design.

He needs bigger legs…

The correct term is “Old One” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Necron master race XD
(oooooold picture)


You know what vibe these, (and the whole Brickonicle kit n’ kabootal, for that matter), give me? Knights Kingdom 2. Everything from mini-figs with realistic artwork, the relatively complex story, and its relation to consrtaction.

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I consider doing a comic for these guys.

but I need more motivation.

Could be fun.

You should make a comic that features a lot of locations, like temples and stuff- things with traps that could be made into play-features on sets (again, kind of like Knights Kingdom’s bridge, citadel, castle, and final joust).

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I like that idea.

Oh well suddenly I got ideas


Lewa looks creepy and I love it

I picture her as a mischevious yet light hearted character…

With a grim dark past of everyone of her freinds being eaten by beasts in the forest and she totally is psycotic at times.

Also that And we need eljay to voice a GPS guiding system. "
MNOG flashbacks"

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Its a work in pogress…