Brickonicle: Toa Terrain Crawler


A big issue with the design is how the legs don’t actually reach the ground

Yes, this is because it actually runs on wheels, but the magic is ruined by that obvious gap

Overall though, good segmentation of the roof and seating on the side of the crawler


gravity would pull them to the ground.


If the legs alone were pulled to the ground, wouldn’t it mess up the gearing system? Given how they need to be affixed in order to move?

The rotating bar would shoot them high into the air before they come back down, but it doesn’t appear they have enough internal room to fall back to ground level efficiently. 'Course I could be wrong, as it’s not very easy to see how it’s been accomplished.

I have no idea how system works, so this build looks very impressive to me. I dig the rounded back especially

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A little demonstration of the function would have been cool.

Seems nifty, gives the impression of a solid tank.

I came here expecting this: Lego Year 2007 Bionicle Series Set # 8927 - TOA TERRAIN CRAWLER  with Cordak Blaster, Sea Squids, Solidified Air Spheres, Glow-in-the-Dark  Jellyfish, 6 Miniature Toa Mahri and 4 Miniature Barraki Figures (
because of that I was surprised and initially disappointed, but now I really like this!
great job!


It crawls :wink:

good point

Do you have a link to download those mask sculpts to bricklink?