Brickonicle Tribe Poll

Which tribe are you in?

  • Mangaia (Volcano)
  • Naho (Sea)
  • Kauae (Sky)
  • Motari (Desert)
  • Tiro (Forest)
  • Ihu (Tundra)

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I’m skyhigh baby.


Wow nobody wants to live in the desert nor in the tundra

At this point, it’s the sea.

the desert is a beautiful place

What if I want to be part of the Lightning tribe so I can be killed by Makuta before the story begins?:grimacing:


That doesn’t sound healthy, but…

Nvm, I can’t edit the poll after 5 minutes.

Are you saying my feelings are invalid? I just want to be murdered by a God of Darkness in his quest for world domination.

I just asked Greg, and he said those feelings aren’t canon. So you’ll have to be satisfied as a perfectly healthy villager of an alive tribe. But if it makes you feel any better, you will be frozen in time for at least half a year.


And who knows. Based on your choice, you might be underwater when the island is frozen, where you can’t swim because you’re frozen.

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Oomatu’s art for Motari has me sold on it being my favorite architecture-wise with air and water coming not too far behind. From all the art so far, it’s just a really hard choice to make.

For me, it was the Earth Matoran’s redesign and region that sold it. I just love bioluminescence.

Tundra because I wanna be a rather cool snowflake.

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It occurs to me that I should probably revisit the artwork before just saying “I like air.” May have to change my answer.

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Don’t become an air head then. I’ll stop.

I chose Naho because it seemed like they have a lot of strong women and I like that

I can confirm: Kauae is definitely my favorite.


My Icon demanded that I chose the desert, I had no say in this :frowning:


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I am kind of bias because I have been making an Ihu set in LDD the past few days. As of now, Tundra for me.