Broken Down

A decidedly more somber picture this time, as well as my first attempt to layer some serious battle damage over the structure I use for the Toa. I've been doing some art for @Hazash 's Biowave project, which Kaibagal is also involved in. During some side conversation, she noted that a piece holding on her self-MOC Kalikiki's arm broke recently and Kal has had to go at it sans left arm for a while. This has now made its way somewhat gruesomely into her backstory; the arm was basically torn off by force in combat or something similar. I envisioned this as Kal the moment after combat, after the realization that part of her has literally been torn off and destroyed... I don't know, but I'd feel pretty awful after something like that, and either way I'm a sucker for dark stuff like characters being beset by serious issues and edgy pictures with overly dramatic lighting. So I drew Kal again. Something in the background is still on fire.

I was originally just going to call it "Broken" but apparently titles need to be at least 7 characters...


I love this. Edginess is great.

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Simple, yet very effective. Really nice.

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Someones short an arm.

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Your artwork is excellent as always.

Also RIP the actual piece that broke on the MOC.


A well conveyed piece; the lighting here effectively establishes a somber mood.

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It's amazing, the lighting really adds a lot.

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She seems so sad… I will save this picture in my computer! Wait, so this is not your moc?

Nah, it’s someone else’s character, but my interpretation. And yes, sad is the appropriate description.

The next one can be with one of my mocs?

I mean, I do commissions.

Other than that I just draw what catches my eye, honestly.

I can’t buy a paint. Can’t you make it anyway?

Not anytime soon; busy with work, projects, and other commissions.

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I can wait.