Broken Vessel (Another System Hollow Knight MOC)

Although this is the most recent of my Hollow Knight MOCs, I didn’t think it’d be fitting as the last showcased. By the point of me making it, I knew the biggest issue would be resources. I’m starting to run really low on smooth white pieces, and I barely had any orange to start. Some how though, this turned out to be potentially my favorite one. By now I knew a good technique to use on the cloak, so that was no difficulty, just tedious hours of hand stitching. Like Hornet, this too has a support stand, but luckily it remains mostly hidden under the long strips of cloth.

Notable errors in creation would be most obviously the size of the orange mass. It should be much larger, but I used almost every orange I could find on what’s already there. Something bigger isn’t happening. Second problem, which is less of an issue, is the relative height. Not including the orange, this MOC is just a little too tall.

In game wise, Broken Vessel is a good boss fight, with equally good music. The significance is of course the relation between The Knight, Hornet, and Broken Vessel. Just a few of the very large family.

One more to go.


I love these builds so much, they really do look fantastic. You are getting the shape and feel down perfect.

Now the question I have is, The Radiance when? :wink:

Nice. I love that cloak.

Very well done. In game, this is still the boss that I hate the most, because for some unknown reason, it took me hours to defeat this little … annoyance. I’m pretty sure it took close to fifty tries over the course of a couple weeks to beat it, and I still have no clue why. Anyways, you perfectly captured the essence of the boss, well done!

Having never played Hollow knight before I have no idea who this is but the build is really cool

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Broken Vessel is one of your siblings and mechanically and lore wise is essentially a zombie version of yourself. That’s why its theme contains a leitmotif of the main theme but with more of a tragic sound to it.

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kindof cute, but also kinda creepy.

Thank you very much. Cloaks are definitely a big highlight of a lot my MOCs these days, System or CCBS/Constraction.

@T4k4nuv4 I definitely didn’t do this fight fifty times, although the dream variant did give me some trouble. I person just really enjoy the fights against the more sapient characters.

This is one the best things to hear. Knowing it’s appreciated outside the fan base is good to know.

@Toa_Good_Guy Don’t gotta tell me this, but always happy to see a fellow lore enthusiast.

Hollow Knight in a nutshell

Thanks for the ego boosters, and yeah while Radiance will most likely never happen, there’s definitely a grand finale.


Was mainly replying to Eilrach, but likewise! It’s nice to meet another person who appreciates this game for all of its aspects, especially the music.

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My bad, literally can’t tell who exactly you’re replying to. The music is great. I’d love to hear it fully orchestrated.

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Oww what ashame hehe Still looking foreward to seeing what comes next :slight_smile: