Bromechosaurus (Community Fanon Contest #2)

Here I present my new MOC – the Bromechosaurus, which is my new biggest MOC, leaving Artakha far behind…

(Contest hosts, I would like the picture below to be used in polls, please)

All poses on pics would be possible with real MOC as those poses do not result in overlapping pieces. Checked everything personally.

Here are some stats (accroding to Studio):

  • Piece count: 2351.
  • Pieces, that would require painting in real life: 121 in Dark Red (some are rather optional), 7 in Yellow, 4 in Flat Silver.
  • Width: 13.3 cm/16.6 studs
  • Height: 35.7 cm/44.5 studs (with antennas)
  • Length: 100.2 cm/125.3 studs

Some Concepts for that MOC:

  • It was mainly inspired by the Brontosaurus (a bit more obscure and significantly smaller Sauropod than the Brachiosaurus) and the blue “incredible creature” from All Our Sins Remembered, but it is not intended to be a recreation of either of them.
  • I wanted to give it non-combat-oriented implants, so it has an array of sensors and stuff, which allows it to detect and escape/prepare for/alarm its herd of any incoming problem. On its back it carries radar, sonar, communication systems that have connections to other dinos implants, energy reservoir, radiation and toxin detectors. Its visor provides it telescopic vision. Those mechanical parts also were a perfect opportunity to add a function to the MOC: an antenna, smaller dish and t-shaped antenna are linked together via gears, so they can be rotated together (at different speeds!) by turning only one of them. I used weapons from Bionicle Playsets to add specififc Bionicle look to those devices too.

  • Still, as means of defense it has armored feet (useful for travel too, though) and a small blade on its tail. Might look insignificant, but it’s a strong tail even without a blade, ya’know.

One of my strategies was to cover poseable joints with flaps (since most of joints are doubled up) – it allows for good articulation and nice look. Photo above shows pretty much the limits for poseability for legs, without unattaching any of double joints. Flaps didn’t work beyond bases of the neck and the tail though, as not much place there is for them on those neck and tail. Also, a thing that is unseen in those photos: I’ve put a lot of effort into making it stable and strong. Like too much effort. Like you should take a look at those through and through beams inside its body in the instruction at the end of this post.

It is kinda small compared to a Toa, but looks good next to Matoran/Agori. This MOC, I think, captures both cuteness of herbivorous dinosaurs and seriousness, which is required for cohesion with Bionicle world.

Studio file and instructuion (breakdown photos). Instruction is messy, because its my first instruction ever made in Studio, but still - it is much better than any breakdown photos I coud’ve done.

Originally, I didn’t want to enter, because Bota Magna dinos are not the main characters of the story. But then I thought, that it would be a good practice and learning: I practiced working with technic, with system, learned different ways to make half-stud shifts in both of them, learned how to make instructions in Studio. But the most important thing that I learned, is that never ever again I will do a more than 1000 pieces MOC in Studio! It was hard… Never ever = until Contests get to Tren Krom.

Good luck to other contestants, and let the best dinos win!
Hail the Fanon Contests!


Perhaps a bit too system-heavy for my tastes, but the design is excellent. I especially like the visor eyes.



Dude, I love it. I especially love that you took the time to make it so stable, and implemented a gear function.

Man… This coulda been a 2010 titan set…

P.S. Lewa’s adaptive armor turned him into Alan Grant in that third photo


Wow. I love this.

@Monopoly I know I said I’d vote for you but this entry is tied with yours now :stuck_out_tongue:

Flash backs to trying to pose the Mata Nui Robot for a first time studio build :skull:

Giga-brain move.


hes a big boy

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my god that is impressive


Added couple more photos!

Thank you, everyone, for you kind words!

Indeed. I knew that I was to use system to get more organic look, but I ended up leaning into it too much, didn’t play around with technic panels enough. It is hard to tell how organic beings should look in Bionicle, since supposedly more organic Glatorians do not look much different from Toa in sets.

I’d say Lewa would be turned into Ian Malcolm:)

Oh yeah, you anderstand me!
Can’t wait for that GSR to reach 10k supporters on Ideas:)


Woah this is a really really good moc. That shaping is superb, and the sensors and other details are great. Excellent job, this thing is awesome.