Brotherhood of Makuta Comunity Project: Kohuru, But Better

@Gilahu, He has a better build.

For now, assume the same backstory as before, though I may change that later.

His shield and Staff of Ridiculous Power:

Standing with some Rahi he made.


He’s a bit short and not sure about the gold. Nice MOC.

His legs look weird, other than that it looks good

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@Ace, too.
He’s not so much short, as much as his legs are in a permanent crouch. Also, I intended the gold to be more like bronze.

Looks pretty good. I like his staff although it could be potentially lessened in parts for more simplicity. The colour scheme is pretty great. Gotta respect those legs, they look amazing and unique from the back but seem a little too bulky from the front. Pretty cool though, in general I like Kohuru. Good job to everyone involved.

Those legs go ridiculously far behind him, though that looks to just be from the posing. If you were to pose them at more of an angle, so that the feet are below him, that would look better. Other than that, looks good.


Actually, the legs are as far forward as possible.

Oh. Then that’s something I would recommend changing.

I had more articulation in the original, but it made the waste way to tall and thin. Also, to raise the knees, I’d need longer pistons, and frankly I’ve used my longest axles on them all ready.

His legs look weird, but everything else is good.

My first impression was that he looks pretty good - even though the connection of the legs to the hip is hindering leg articulation quite a bit.

But then I saw him from the side…

Torso seems fine with the exception of that strangely protruding neck. Those legs, though… They’re not looking bad in themselves, but their construction with those pistons and how they’re posed is just really, really, impractical and awkward. It seems like he can’t even stand on his own without something to support him. Imagening the legs streightened out they might also be a little flat.

Just had an idea to give him a snake lower half instead of legs… that’s against the rules, though.

Sorry, but you’ll have to come up with better legs for him to get accepted.

Also maybe taking away all the stuff on the staff except for that Rahkshi head and armor and adding something smaller for decoration might be a good idea.

Everything about this guy is pretty good, the staff and torso design are nice. Now the legs are really the only con, they look like chicken legs.

He have supper dooper giant weapons and the smallest legs ever! He is THE perfect Makuta!

Finally, someone understands my genius!

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