Brotherhood of Makuta- Ornithia, Mistress of Mount Valmai

Name: Ornithia
Status: Deceased (slain by Chirox)
Mask: none
Weapons: none
Abilities: standard Makuta abilities, along with control of aerial creatures

appearence: Bird-like mass of tentacles protruding from a Toa skeleton.

sorry for the poor quality. I can only take pictures with my family’s laptop, and had to position it in the most lit part of my room.

responsible for: Creation of the Nivawk, Dagger Spiders, Sand Screamers,and Burnak, discovery of Voya Nui, and the Sinking of Mahri Nui.

BIO: created 100,000 years ago by Mutran, when an experiment involving reanimation went wrong. When trying to fuse a Toa skeleton to a spirit of pure shadow, harboring the spirit in a vat of Antidermis. What followed was a ever-changing bird-like mass of shadow-like tentacles, bones, and armor that was Ornithia. After creating the Nivawk, she later fled south from Zakaz, discovering Voya Nui.

After creating many rahi there, she found a series of cooled lava chambers under Mount Valmai, anchoring the island to the ocean floor. After centuries of destroying many of the chambers, the weight of the island caused land above the chambers to collapse into the ocean, triggering the Great Cataclysm, and sinking a large portion of the island, thus creating Karda Nui.

Many decades later, she left to Destral, where she was confronted by Chirox, who was angry over the sudden extinction of a species he created. After a fight broke out between the two, and she was slain by Chirox, who dealt the finishing blow via a scythe he knocked from her grasp.


Oh dear.

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something wrong?

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That just sounds gory to me.

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not what a Makuta is…

more like a Rahi

I wasn’t planning on making it gory. I was thinking of it as the skeleton is like a cage, and it has solidified shadow flowing out from it


I think we’re supposed to atleast limit most of it to canon. The story doesn’t make sense…

Though that’s for @Gilahu to say then, no?

Alright.I’ll @Gilahu decide if it’s ok.

no not really

but seriously this needs work. Alot of it

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what exactly did you have in mind?

While you say ‘she’ created some things, The story does not fit in with the official explaination of some things, including the sinking of Mahri Nui, and every Makuta, titled or not, came from the Antidermis pits

MOC itself? It’s as you said, some weird mess. I could get if this was some sort of form after it ate a bunch of powerful things or Rahi, but some tentacles around a Toa skeleton? I don’t believe skeletons get left behind, especially if they’re sent to the Red Star

but that’s my opinion, take it how you wish and sorry for any harshness

No It’s perfectly OK. I understand exactly where you’re coming from.

I understand that beings get sent to the Red Star, but I’ve always wondered in what state are they sent. I’ve thought it was maybe their spirit sent, and is reanimated aboard it. Also, (kinda off topic) is there any information on Matoran death rituals? What do they do with their dead? Do they bury them, or is it like in videogames where the bodies just phase into oblivion? (NOT the Elder Scrolls oblivion.) Or do they just cannibalize parts like with the Ussanui and the Boxor?

it’s assumed the whole body is taken into the Red Star… though there’s a way around this

Maybe make it so She was born weak and eventually absorbed an ice or some toa into her with some rahi and became this?


That actually works. Proceeds to go back to edit the bio

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Moved to Lego creations since it’s a MOC. -Rac

Hmm… this entry definately needs some work. (And a better pic if you can afford it, though I can live with the MOC itself, the legs could use some work, perhaps)

So, what needs to be done here:

  • every Makuta wears a Kanohi (it can be a Kanohi-like custom head for this project, too, but it has to be supposed to be a Kanohi)
  • I guess aerial creatures count as Rahi, too, so that would probably fall under the Makuta power of Rahi control (but that’s just nitpicking on my side)
  • Nivawk was created by Teridax, if I remember correctly
  • all Makuta were created by Mata Nui from a pool of Antidermis
  • I’m fine with her being the first Makuta to discover Voya Nui, after the Great Cataclysm, but Voya Nui is outside of the Great Spirit Robot, so she couldn’t have gotten there by going south from Zakaz (that way she would just have ended up on the remains of the northern continent)

That’s just plain out wrong.

In my opinion it would perhaps make for a good story for her, to let her somewhat provoke Chirox, after which she would flee from his wrath, somehow ending up on Voya Nui. Chirox follows her, though, “discovers” Voya Nui as well and kills her. From Chirox Teridax eventually learns, where Voya Nui and the Mask of Life have ended up, so that he can give that information to the Piraka.

And about this:

I think it is actually just their spirit/soul/ whatever that gets taken to the Red Star, I mean, when Turaga Lhikan died, his body stayed behind, didn’t it? But then it’s also weird, that just beings based on Protodermis get revived there …

I don’t know that it was, but it’s stated in The Mutran Chronicles that Makuta can make similar Rahi, so if necessary we could just say this Makuta made the species, and then Teridax used the “model” to construct his own Rahi.