Brutaka, Sidorak and Roodaka revamps by Sargos

He protecc, he attacc, but most importantly he Brutacc
Begone the oversimplistic arms and non-existent shoulders! Hail the spiky, broad shoulderplates and the biceps tubes!
Extra spikes on the legs, protection for the knees and a wrist-mounted launcher!

![photo_2021-08-12_08-00-50 (4)|375x500]


(The damaged old mask was eaten by a dog.)(upload://ke9MHWILPUDkunAkWFgllno6pS4.jpeg)

Sidoracc Time
Much more athletic, taller, elegant version and oh, a COMPLITELY CUSTOM head design with a crown (Roman emperor style)

![photo_2021-08-12_08-00-54 (2)|375x500]
Lel, but the swing speed is kinda slow cuz the receiving gear is too big, but still nice, right?

That’s right! Kneel, you simp, cuz the next is…

The one and only bionicle that uses rhakshi heads not as the head…
An improvement over my previous version, no clay used this time! More elegant feet design, complitely custom arms and featuring all the best parts.

Here is how I changed the way torso armor and the rhakshi heads are attached, this is a much more stable connection that also makes them sit closer to the center piece. Not to mention it covers all the hollow space that original has.
Tutorial on sidorak’s custom head here: (by me)


these look way cooler than the originals
why does Roodaka have a tail?

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Dead Steltians tell no tails.


I’ll go with that

Nice revamps! Sidorak’s head is definitely an improvement over the original. Not to mention, he actual has a left hand now :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno, just thought it would be fitting. She always struck me as some sort of humanoid lizard.


Pretty slick revamps! Though I’m not a fan of Roodaka’s tail and Sidorak’s exposed back with all the technic things in full view.

I’m not a fan of Sidorak’s head or Roodaka’s tail, but otherwise they’re very neat, and Brutaka is fantastic!

I know, Sidorak’s head ain’t perfect, but hey, it’s also quite solid and buildable without modifying parts, or clay. It’s fairly sizable, but not too big actually, not if the torso is buffed-up a little. I seen the other revamp versions, the more movie-like ones, but they’re also pretty big and meh, I wanted it to have a personal touch.
The Pohatu’s claw looking like a Roman crown is really-really neat to me, I don’t think I seen it used that way on a moc before.

Realistically, it’s probably a bit hard for her to stand on the minimal surface area that her high heels offer in all but very upright poses. The tail can be used to balance that out a bit.


Ah, that makes sense.

Yup, that was the idea behind the tail from the practical viewpoint, I did manage to make her stand on one leg by just using the tail for support.