Bruticus - The Last Gladiator

Whats up people.
Today i want to show you my latest moc Bruticus.
Sooo here he is :smiley:


Definitely looks like a being of pure brute strength. Although you use a lot of different textured armor, some which clash with each other, like the two bulbous add-ons on his elbow and upper arm

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Pretty great for a brute gladiator, but theirs are some flaw here and there. Most noticeably the double stack black Brutaka sword doesn't fit well and the feet looking flat.

@Rockho Thank you :slight_smile: glad you like it.Indeed i notice that too but i must find some other armour on his elbows haha.

@Square Thanks and yes feets oh those feets bro this one was the worst part for me to build haha :smiley:

@SpookekoaOfJungle haha im so sorry bro :smiley: and thanks glad you like it.

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0/10 is not transformer

That sword is awesome.

TFW you see the title and then don't see this:

also, tell me i'm not the only one that read it as "the last galidor"

anyways, the torso is way too long,the legs look way too static, and it just looks like he was kinda made for the sake of being big.

despite the makuta contest entries, bigger=/=better.


Looks good, but way to many textures

I feel that the sword, however absolutely epic it looks from the side, suffers from too large a hilt. Other than that, great moc!

That sword is one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen.

As for the moc, the shoulders look a bit cluttered and the legs are too bulky.

Other than that, this is phenomenal.

Some clashing textures here and there, but the brutish appearance is conveyed nicely.

Too much torso, like way too much torso.

WOW. just wow

this guy is a chunky monkey, you can really feel the weight of him.
it's a good build, the cluttered armour is appropriate and works.
my only irk is the red from the Knight's Kingdom shield, but who cares about that

9/10 sick 1

Looks cool, and I especially love the weapons.

Proportional the torso is way too tall for the limbs and the feet are too small.

Well...the MOC is horrendously proportioned, pointlessly large, and cluttered...

...but DANG is that a cool sword. Really love how that's designed.

@Novel yeah i see i must admit that this sword was originaly made for my Makuta moc haha but thank you glad you like it :slight_smile:

@Ekorak And heeere is the MIGHTY CRITIC :joy:

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You gonna respond to the criticism?

Like, at all?

This guy is massiv!

soooo bufff