Brutus the British Police Officer

This was made before I got a lightbox. Please, criticize my poor lighting, as well as the fact that you can clearly see my closet door.

Interchangeable mustaches, for interchangeable style.

This MOC was mostly made to figure out an alternate use for Vader’s head.


Its our good ole Bobby

this is brilliant

10/10 because interchangeable mustaches!

Wonder what it would look like with mismatched 'staches?

“If’n yer ask me, this were arson - someone’s been arson’ around!”


that’s right! one of you lot; a man!

In Britain, it takes 15 years to make a decent cup of tea! In America, all it takes is a small bottle and a pitcher of water!


xD thats beutifull

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The mushtashes are great!

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