Brutus, The Warlord

A powerful soldier whose lust for conquest knows no bounds. Just the sight of his brilliant club strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies…

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A moc made right after Brickfair Virginia using a wide variety of constraction elements. I loved how the crystal Hau looked with Nepol’s staff and how they both looked with the very striking Gorm torso. Its a shame that Galidor suffered the fate that it did. Its a great building system.


I like his customized design. The fingers look good though there could be some more purple on the body. 7/10

Cool. His design is awesome

That looks awesome! I love the colors (purple)!

Which is ironic because I’ve heard the reason it ended was the building system

yes and no. it looks very unlike more standard lego part, so that probably turned a lot of people to the system, but its more likely because the building system wasn’t very useful on its own unless you have a lot of it. Some of the better Galidor mocs made this year were only possible because of large Galidor collections.

I had plans for more purple but the problem is that the Gorm torso uses old purple, which I have very little of. The plan was to have Modalt Masks paint the grated/vented textures on the shoulders purple to match the torso and to have the same pattern on the lower torso painted on the bicep ccbs shells. But I took the moc apart recently.


oh… old purple… didn’t even realize that…

Et tu, Brute? Anywho, it’s a great looking moc.


picks eyes up off the floor and pops them back in I love it!
Makes me wish I knew what happened to all my Gorm parts…

What a well shaped hunk. He looks like he works out on the daily.

The head seems a bit small.

Yeah, it’s definitely a little on the small side, but it’s not as bad in reality. Plus, I think it helps the bulk of the torso.

Gorm torso stuck out to me as soon as I saw the picture. Love the Galidor part usage there, I think it’s very clever and looks pretty good.Hand design is also great.


Genius, simple genius.

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