Budget Karzahni

I used to own 8940 Karzahni. Emphasis on the past tense, as the set is a gold mine of exclusive recolors and I was somewhat underwhelmed by the figure itself for reasons I don’t entirely remember. Since then, I’ve bought Lesovikk and thought it would be cool to build a Karzahni for him to fight, but I also understand how unlikely it is that I’d ever buy the original set again. So what’s a guy to do? Make my own version, of course.

Karzahni, the Mutated Madman

Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Kanohi: Olisi, Great Mask of Alternate Futures (shapeshifted)
Pieces: 223

The very first thing I tackled with this revamp is the head. The original set’s head design is kind of iconic and I would’ve gladly kept it–assuming the dark green Pridak feet weren’t exclusive to the set. I went through a lot of designs before I came up with this one that I’m decently satisfied with.
Karzahni head v1
I knew I could get some length out of the Visorak feet (even if it wasn’t quite as long as the original) so I started with them. From there, I quickly zeroed in on the Rahkshi head’s teeth thinking they resembled the thing formed by Pridak’s toes and a Bohrok foot which I would use to connect everything together. I went back and forth a lot on how I could make everything connect together; I’m still not 100% satisfied, but this is the best I can do that doesn’t trigger clipping (I do not have these parts to test these builds irl). If nothing else, I was really excited once I realized I had enough room to include an articulating jaw.

The rest of the figure is more-or-less just redesigning Karzahni in my style. I have surprisingly little to say beyond that both the legs and the torso are largely custom (I think the original set’s small torso is one of the reasons I wasn’t so jazzed about it). Since he wields the flaming chains in canon, I’ve elected to use trans-orange chains instead of silver ones–really for no other reasons than because they look cool. The cape is from Kardas’s Hoard but if I were to build this moc irl (and I probably will) I’ll most likely try the one from Sir Fangar.


Good job, I like the slimmer appearance.
The proportions on the original set were a bit odd.


I still think lego could have done better with this Titan.