Building a Computer

So, I’ve been saving for a while and want to build a computer. Here is probably not the best place to ask, as I could just go to any old tech forum and probably get more answers, but I don’t feel like making accounts for random sites, plus I figured there would be at least a few people here better with computers than myself; I know the basics of how everything works, but am not hardcore into it and super knowledgeable about part combinations.

Feel free to use this topic to ask about your own systems if you so desire, just keep in mind I won’t know everything and others may be more suited for helping you. I hope this can be used as a helpful reference in the future for those on this site looking to build a computer themselves, though it will be outdated over time as is the nature of hardware development. If you want to know the basics and neat facts about computers a YouTube channel called Techquickie exists and I highly recommend checking it out. Watching through some if the videos they’ve made is enough to easily teach you the basics in an otherwise short amount of time.

So, onto my question. Is there any better approach I can take this system for a similar price? My parts list is as follows:
Case: Masterbox 5
PSU: EVGA 650 80+ gold fully modular
GPU: Sapphire RX 480 4GB
CPU: Intel i5 6600k
Cpu fan: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Motherboard: MSI B150M Micro ATX
RAM: Crucial Ballistix DDR4 8GB (1 stick)
I can reuse my display and hard drive from my current, and extremely outdated, system. The hard drive and display are more recent as those have already had to have been replaced. I also plan to transfer my current windows liscense over to hypothetical the new system. If there anything you could add, it’s greatly appreciated. Things such as if I should wait for kaby lake processors or if I should buy a 1060 for Nvidia’s vastly superior software. Feel free to ask your own questions as well!

Side note: not sure if a topic like this is allowed, and if it isn’t then RIP I guess. The intent is a somewhat ongoing topic where members can go to ask questions relating to tech and possibly get answers.


First need to know some things about your build;

  • What is the display size? 1080p? Higher?
  • What is your goal for the build?
  • What is your price range?
  • What is your level of urgency?
  • Do you live in the US, UK, etc?

Let me know those and i should be able to find a few improvements to the current build for you :3

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Ye, 1080. Stable 60 fps and 1080p for time to come is basically the main goal. My current computer can barely maintain 30 on games 4 years old. Most I really would want to spend is 750 though I could go up to 800 if I saved even longer. US. Thought I should add that I got these parts under intent to maybe upgrade the GPU later on and not have it be CPU limited to increase longevity, even at a cost to overall performance. Thanks dude!

I’ve put in what i’m fairly sure are you current specs into a PC site.

You can add/edit it however you choose to get a sense on what is compatible

In which case, its really a question of ensuring that your motherboard and case is compatible with most of the newer graphics cards so that you can update. Possibly even transfering your old graphics card for now and giving it a few months until the release of the newer graphics card (this spring/summer) drops the prices down.

The GTX 1070 for example would probably be the cheapest target for maxed 1080p gaming at 60fps or higher - its better than the standard 980ti and its cheaper.

Either way, my advice is waiting in regards to the graphics card. No point buying a graphics card at this stage, would transfer your older one and use that for a few months - then upgrade to the 1070 when the prices drop.

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I already used the site, probably should’ve linked it in hindsight. Thanks though! (Ye those are the parts)