Building Metru Nui in Minecraft! Re-Doing never

So lately I've been working building Metru Nui on my Minecraft Realm.
I was wondering if anyone wanted to help build and/or go on my Realm.

-Coliseum is Complete, work on the Metrus will begin in due time.
-Since my announcement to close the flood gates and no longer accept new comers probably won't be noticed, I'll post it here too. We ain't accepting new comers.
3rd Edit-I moved this to the Promotion and advertising. Hope no one minds ;-;


I'd love to help! oh, and does the floor of the coliseum move up and down like in the movie?

My MC name is jedi299


yea actually XD I've been working on adding pistons under the sandstone. If you wanna just give me your MC name I can add you to the list.M'kay! added.
you should see an invitation icon when you click on realms

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I'd love to help! I'm not sure if you have to be subscribed to Realms to get on though, but I don't think you do. If you're willing to accept my help, my username is MCenderdude

I do warn you I might not be the most consistent helper though. I myself am working on a Voya Nui project every now and then, building an entire planet in Minecraft, and I don't play crazy often, but when I do, I can spend hours on at a time.

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You don't have to pay to play on someone else's realm smiley

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I accepted the invite, but when I try to join, it gives me an error message. :\

Strange... What does the error message say?
I'd try restarting MC if you already haven't

Restarting MC didn't work, and the error message says

Realms (403) {"errorCode":6002,"errorMsg":"ToS not accepted"}

I'll look into it. @Ekorak are you having the same trouble? try doing this

I don't see an invite. Would it show up in the Realms tab?

Yes, you have to go into the realms option, and there should be a mail icon on the top middle area. Click on it.

oh can I help my mc username is lightningstorm02

Of course.
You've been added @Toa_potao just check realms for the invite

I might be able to help sometimes. My name is Bionicleboy32. Still working on the Coliseum?

Yep we are, just working on adding the outer walls so far.
I'll add you to the list.

I'd be up for it. Username is Vakama39. you'll know it's me by my Vakama skin. And once again I wonder why this account is named Matoro

My Minecraft name is .
Um, my skin is the default Steve skin, if anyone would be willing to inform me as to change it, I would be most grateful.
Although Iā€™m no expert, I do consider my self to be okay (not amazing, but okay) with redstone.

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Alright. Everyone has been added and op'd, The worlds backed up, let's see how this goes.

Do you have Ga-Metru mapped out yet? I can build the Great Temple

we're all currently still working on the Coliseum.