Building Metru Nui in Minecraft! Re-Doing never

I've built freakin' cube! smiley

Hey everybody
if you wanna get on the realm, it's up.
Not to build, just to help TNT the whole map for a vid or whatever IDK.
It's new years and all that.

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So, does the [next Summer] mean in the upcoming months, or is this dead? I would love to have a Metru-Nui map to explore, or to help build!

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Depends on if I'm still around by then or not.


NO! Don't leave us rise!


Many lives will be lost on Risebell Wednesday. There's nothing we can do about it Capps...


in other words

it will probably be dead.

Do you still have one of the back-ups? Maybe distribute it as unfinished?

Sweet memories, back when this use to be the only topic in promotions and advertising, as well as one of the most popular.


I was third to join in
I stayed the longest, because Ekorak had no time, and vuhii took a ton of time to actually come on for good


Nostalgia is slapping me in the face right now.

I remember feeling too shy to ask if I could join because I felt like I wasn't cool enough for you guys. Can't imagine where I'd be if I didn't ask.


Inside there


So guys

It's next summer.


So the question is, is this being re-done? I know the underwater temples were an issue last time along with just the inactivity of members.


completely different issue.

Elaborate? What's the issue this time around?

There is no issue, in fact, we can make our building experience easier by building on Beef's server, it has W/E
as for the issue you mentioned, it was when we tried to do that voya nui survival thing

The temples were on both... or to be more precise in the Metru Nui map building they had glitched areas where the temples were meant to spawn but didn't and just had lag spikes in their place.

I presume there is an issue as otherwise there would be people talking about doing the project rather than reminiscing. Topic is open which implies it should be happening, yet nobody has said if this project is actually going to be tried again or any details at all other than you briefly mentioning Beef's server and world edit.

Have people started working on it? If not then when? and what's the server IP?

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That was not the issue there, it was just 1.8 problems that have been patched

Its all in jest, we haven't properly decided on what to do yet, we have to ask @Risebell

See above


When we want to do so.

It is a secret to everybody

we haven't worked out the details, nor have we started, we are waiting on beef to fund his server, and for risebell to tell us if we should do it