Building Metru Nui in Minecraft! Re-Doing never

I'm glad this is moving forward.

I can volunteer to help.


Just a friendly reminder to people posting anything along the lines of 'I want to help but I don't have Minecraft' will be considered spam. Nothing personal, but it adds nothing to the conversation. Please know that I'm more than open to letting people join in and hopefully those people will get Minecraft.


can i help if i got minecraft P.E?

No, you cant connect P.E to a pc server as far as I know

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oh :cry:


Hi, I have minecraft, is it possible to helpp building on the map? I can build the sstructures and cities, domes for le metru and such, please let me know, thanks

Also, whenn this mape is finished, will it be possible to upload it as a download map?

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sup dude, read this topic

we're not doing this anymore.

oh, is okay you have a download link for the map? like convert the server to map somehow, I can work on it for a while, (To trust me, dont give me the whol original map file just give me a copy of the map) I'll post updates and pictures of the progress, if this is possible

I cri. :sob:

its just that almost no one wants to do this anymore
plus building it in the realm isnt doable

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Yeah, I get the memo. I'm really busy now too, which is why I officially resigned from the CHC. I doubt I'd have time to work on it. Still sux though.

You realize that you can get servers from these guys that offer worldedit n' such for just as good prices as realms, right?

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So it not possible to convert the work to a singleplayer downloadeable map? sorry for pushing for answer, I am really interested in building, I have made some structures of Le metru so far

Our Metru Nui is not good.
You'd be better off making your own.


RIP in peace Metru Nui.

Is this how all Minecraft-related Bionicle projects end up nowadays? Wow.

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Lel not mine! :wink:

Also, pointless topic revival.


I'd love to help if your still working on it. User names WolfieTheWolf (Underscores at start and end, not there because that tilts the text).

Hope this is still progressing smoothly!


Don’t you need your mom’s permission before going online?


I’ve already asked Fabio

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