Bulk Quad Mech

This quadruped mech has impact resistant armor with carbon steel plating. It is armed with a shoulder mounted plasma orb launcher, battle drill, and dual barrelled plasma repeater. Though not meant for speed, this tank can take a lot of punishment and deal even more.

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I don't think "Protosteel" exists in the Hero Factory Universe. stuck_out_tongue


Probably more interesting than the original mech. Some armor is a bit off though, and I'm not a fan of the chest piece below the cockpit.

Oh and @legomaster1378 is correct, protosteel doesn't exist in the HF universe.

I don't even think it's in BIONICLE anymore.

So yeah.


I changed the names. Any thoughts?

Nice Moc. Reminds me of something like a centaur or something like that. This also looks nice like a set but I wouldn't know..

I love it! I can imagine this being a construction mech rather than a battle mech though. I always thought the four legged battle machines were a stupid move in INFB. I realise it's supposed to be a tank class, but why not just put it on treads?

I thought about treads, but I wanted to keep all of my pieces hf pieces. Plus, I don't have many treads

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love the weapon... And everything on it. Good job stuck_out_tongue

Very good. It is already 100% better than the original.

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If this were a set, it would be the only IfB set that I would buy.

I do like it it. Very much. But, just... never mind.

Spit it out!

Fine. It needs less CCBS parts. Add in some Bionicle and System parts.

It's a CCBS MOC, one set in the HF universe at that.

Honestly I think that's a very invalid suggestion.

I mean, like, System can add cool greebling I guess but neither is hardly needed.


Oh.. Forget my last 2 comments, then.

My intention with this MOC was to build a modified version of Bulk's machine. I liked the bipedal machines and the quadruped machines, and decided to go with a combination. I also ONLY used CCBS piece. More specifically, only hf pieces.

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