Bull Knight

I tried a bunch of techniques that I had never used before

apparantl my camera lens was dusty. thats all those wierd circles :confused:


Neat, I like how you did the torso and arms.

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Looks great! I really like the skull spider poulren

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looks a bit busy in the upper torso and skull spider armor, compared to the relatively smooth ccbs shells. I like the way you did the shins. overall it’s good and there’s no obvious flaws

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Sweet colours! I love all the little details, though some of the exo-force arms on the torso start to look a bit messy.

Edited title -legomaster


I like how the shield arm is more armored than the other, nice detail there

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well, he fits the bill

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This is the meaning of life :slight_smile:

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So apparently, everyone is now using that building tecnique for the lower legs.

Btw, onto the moc. The shield looks cool, you even managed to create a good asymmetrical shoulder design, so that’s a plus.

The horns could use a bit of work, and the chest area looks a bit too complex compared to the rest of the body, making it feel kinda out of place imho.

Overall it is a good moc.

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Well, the name is accurate.