Bulmak, Mahri Nui Matoran Moc

Bulmak was an enthusiastic and clumsy Le-Matoran inventor.

After an accident with one of his inventions, he was sent to Karzahni to be repaired. After his (unsatisfactory) repairs, he wound up on Voya Nui, where he would continue to invent (and occasionally injure himself). He would frequently work together with fellow eccentric inventor Defilak.

He settled in Mahri Nui. After the traumatic event that was the village's sinking, Bulmak's expertise would become invaluable in setting up Mahru Nui's machinery and weaponry. His experiments (and injuries) would continue, however, one of his inventions would even cost him his right foot. It was replaced by a metal prosthetic. One of his inventions - the Air Launcher - would sadly be the end of him...

This is a quick little moc I made. The mask choice was inspired by another moc of this character I saw on a Bionicle Discord server. I decided to make my version of it and add some personality - name, lore, prosthetic foot and lanky Mata arms (I'm sure Bulmak'd like to have posable hands, what with him being an inventor and all :) ). Tell me what you think.


ah neat, looks cool!


Thank you. :slight_smile:


I forgot that Matoran existed. I like him, and the story that goes with him. Canon-adjascent stories are awesome


Pretty nice build. Feels similar to the standard Maori build, yet is different enough to be its own thing.


Thank you both. I get a kick out of finding already existing minor characters and fleshing them out, as opposed to creating new characters from scratch.