Bult the Sightless

Lockdown is as good an excuse as any to build a Vortixx.

‘When it comes to working the forge I’m second only to Artakha himself, but everything else I try my hand at… well, suddenly it’s a whole lot more obvious that I’m blind as a Blade Burrower, is all I’m saying.’

Somewhat of an outcast on Xia, Bult never took on the traditional Vortixx values of treachery and instead made a name for himelf as a forger of weapons, tools, armour, and anything else he could think of. Leaving his home without ever ascending The Mountain, he set up shop in the neighbouring island of Stelt-- where he had a pair of chance encounters with two wandering Toa who each thought themselves the sole survivor of their team…

Oh yeah, and just for good measure a size comparison with both my Toa Mata and Toa Nalduk body types. I feel like this is about the right scale for a titan and two canisters:

L-R: Pewpu, Toa of Gun; Bult the Sightless; Good Guy, Toa of The People


I saw this on reddit, nice job! Really liking the use of technic parts, they fit quite seamlessly with the ccbs, nice use of the banana piece (at least I think it’s a banana) btw!

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I 100% couldn’t resist throwing the bananas in after realising I had an excuse to use them on something like this.

And I think I’m finally getting a feel for Properly Integrating CCBS parts into my MOCs?? Still gotta work with it some more, though.

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Good use of an industrial color scheme.
Looks vortixxy

Looks like someone ate his stomach and left the spine
He seems to be floating in that last picture (not really a con, but…)


Yeah, he’s floating a little there-- not sure what’s up with that, but it doesn’t bug me enough to re-render.

As for the spine, part of Bult’s backstory involves being cut in half somehow. When it’s brought up by the other characters in the narrative he shows up in, he dismisses it pretty quickly:

Godesgai was about to answer when he hesitated, noticing the mass of tubing that was Bult’s midriff and the ragged armour above and below it. ‘What happened to you?’
‘Oh, yeah, I was cut in half a ways back,’ Bult said with a shrug. ‘Long story, but aren’t they all? I got better, anyhow. These things happen.’

That’s what you’re supposed to do; eat the flesh and leave the bones.

But I concur, the abdomen seems rather strange, and the use of that Racers panel as the chest makes the torso rather blocky.