Transmission received>

Recording message>

Sending transmission…>

Warning: Insecure channel, message may be intercepted>
Proceed? [Y/N]>

. . .>

Transmission sent>

"Peculiar. Not many would ask for me to get involved - especially with this kind of request. But very well, I will humor you for now.

Hope and pray that you do not regret inviting me."

Hey y’all! Heard this town was a fun place, looking to spice things up. Know any good hanging spots? New here!!


"Attached you’ll find schematics for my latest character Construct. Unfortunately, I will be too busy to attend myself, but they should exceed your purposes.

Primary Unit: Bumbleberry (F)

Equipment: Chest camera, will record everything and send all footage to shared cloud. Camera doubles as emergency energy cannon, single-shot. Microphones hidden in ears, works in tandem with camera. Partially guided missile launchers on wings/arms and an extra pair of relic weaponry arms. They’ll throw more than just disks and allow her to absorb artifact’s power to redirect as energy blasts. Claws for close-range defense.

Personality Matrix: Fun, quirky, parental care, eldest sibling, and other attributes expected of request. She will be unaware of her mission. Choose wisely when to flip the switch.

Secondary Units: Rhubarb (F) & Mulberry (M)

Equipment: Minimal, can use wings as blades and throw tiny metal shards for distraction. Primarily to serve as scouts, spies, and sneak into small spaces.

Personality Matrix: Twins, younger siblings, minor gremlins. Shoulder angels/devils; Rhubarb will be reasonable for social decisions, Mulberry for practical and work decisions. Girl will be excited for new places, boy will be bored."

I know I’m new and asking a lot, but what jobs are around here? Looks like I’ll be staying longer than I thought and need to feed my little siblings! Got anything in reporting? OH! Or maybe archeological? I would love to dig stuff up.

General Body:

With Siblings Attached

Rhubarb and Mulberry:
Wait, we’re staying here now? I thought it was just a short trip!

Come on Mully, just look at all the things we can do now! This place is so much bigger than home!

I guess we could pull some old pranks. New blood, won’t suspect a thing! Just don’t tell big sis.

Do I ever?


Flight and Perch Modes

Flight Mode:

Perch Mode:

Family Interactions:

Bumbleberry sending Rhubarb off to scout.

Bumbleberry offering Rhubarb a piggyback ride.

Mulberry stealing that ride, Rhubarb ends up giving it up for a favor.

Woah! Hey there, easy now! Why are you looking at us like that? We’re just here to be friends!

“And if you ever do flip their switch, we’ve never been in contact.”


we lost another one


See ghid, I’m a good boy, I edited the evil swear word out

This is an actually great build though. Makes me hangry


Nice! I like the idea of a robotic bat. It’s very well-executed here.


excellent work


@Ghid I’ve always been “Lost,” some times more than others.

@NOTaHFfan and @Monopoly Thanks!

@DuneToa Thanks! Though not exactly a robot, they’re a character Construct which are…well, it would take too long to explain author nonsense right now. Perhaps another time.


Sort of like a Kaita??


I can’t believe ajtazt had a disappointing final season :pensive:


??? What??? When???


Just when we didn’t need them, they returned

at least this one looks nice


i love 'em


@Ghid It is quite unfortunate but true.

@The_Blue_Panda If not me, someone else will cap off the year with bats. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Rhyla416 Thanks as well.

@DuneToa For a short answer, I will say that it would be more accurate to describe Bumbleberry and her siblings as cyborgs or biomechanical. At least in universe.

That’s not what a TLR character construct is and probably should have just stated the cyborg clarification…so if you want a somewhat comprehensible explanation of author nonsense, here you go.

Too meta for my own good.

In brief, I look at the metaphysics (for lack of a better term) of fiction differently than most people. If a setting has a multiverse, most fans tend to believe that their works exist within that multiverse. Perhaps not in an official or legal capacity, but that the canon of how multiversal/alternate dimensions/etc. functions technically means they exist from an in-universe perspective. Somewhere in that infinite possibilities is their work, even if never visited.

I, however, don’t believe that to be the case. I believe that, instead, a copy of the multiverse is created and exists outside of the canonical multiverse and are unable to interact with the original. These copy universes (or multiverses) are created by Author characters.

Author characters (or forces) are in-universe background/meta explanations for how the universe is created. They are author stand-ins, but on a higher level. Think something similar to Marvel Comic’s One-Above-All, which is an in-universe representation of all those who collectively worked on Marvel Comics and essentially created the Marvel Universe, but also exists outside of it. It is neither literally the author, the person writing the story in real life, nor the narrative within the fiction for how things were created, but something between. Something all powerful within the fictional worlds they create, but unable to do anything to worlds they did not create. Hence the copy multiverses.

My Author character is The Lego Roleplayer*. Roleplays, especially GM-less open sandbox RPs, tend to be the weirdest fiction realms. It’s a place where rarely any one Author has full control and plenty of Authors can edit the universe, or at least insert characters, forces, etc. that can. And this is where we get into Constructs.

“I am merely a Construct, an imaginary intimation given form and life.”

How TLR functions is that he tends to create/perform three different actions: Creation, Disguise, and Construct. Creation types are bring/making something for a particular universe; they are the original. Disguises are weaker Constructs that TLR inhabits when participating in RPs himself; basically an actor in costume. And Constructs are copies, imitations of his Creations.

Rather than sending his original characters into a game, and thus avoid having to reconcile narrative reasons for why they were there or add unwanted canon to said characters, he creates a copy - a puppeted automaton. These Constructs, like Creations, can become any form of existence (matter, energy, spiritual, magical, etc.).

These sorts of distinguishments came about as a result to solve some other meta narrative paradoxs I wrote myself into. So it is incredibly silly and convoluted, but hopefully it makes some sense.

So to explain the context of Bumbleberry more plainly, let me say it this way. TLR has been contacted by someone else on the boards. That isn’t just flavor text, he is really responding to someone and it is bat/bug related. And because he has been given an invitation, plus the allowance for one to make batgirls in general, he has answered this call and created Bumbleberry and her siblings. Yet rather than send in his Creation, he is giving a copy (character Construct) as that will be easier to erase. And it won’t do any actual harm to the real one, should his contact do what they claim. It being a Construct will also allow said contact to control them and “flip their switch.”

You’re more than welcome to guess who TLR has been speaking with, but good luck figuring that out.

*I also tend to use TheLegoRoleplayer, or some variation, elsewhere online. But TLR the character and TLR as in me the person are two separate entities. I didn’t think about the problem that would cause, due to how infrequent it comes up.



Ah, I see. So Bumbleberry is a construct in that they are a physical construction of a character, person, or being that exists only in its creator’s imagination. That makes sense.


That is a much more streamlined summary. But yeah, basically that.


Jokes aside, this moc is pretty cool. I like


ah this moc looks neat. The color scheme looks pretty good and I really like the lore. Nicely done