The Lego Roleplayer: Phantasm Creator (Self-MOC)

A notification suddenly appears on the smart device and, by nature, it is only given a quick glance before dismissing. Or at least, perhaps you would have dismissed it, if it didn’t say you still had an unresponded message in your voicemail from many weeks ago. That made little sense, surely you would have checked it by now or deleted it. Upon inspection, the origin of the message could not be identified other than simply labeled as a log. Yet drawn by curiosity, it is played anyways.

“It has been a long time, hasn’t it?”

The voice was unfamiliar to most of you, but for some poor souls it may come with dread.

"If you would be so kind, allow me to revise your worlds again.

Or don’t, they’ll still enter anyways."

DSCN6481 a

An old specter of the interwebs, the actor still haunts whatever worlds and games he can find. And now having put to rest the last of his old constructs, he seeks worlds anew. Perhaps in these new lands, the author will receive a new tiding. Should any see and realize he is manipulating code and strings that is.

General Body:

Designer Notes: So if anyone is wondering, this is a 100% Lego build. Even the cables are Lego, coming from Mindstorms. Which those Mindstorms touch sensors can also be viewed as a jump-pack and jetpack of sorts. Though in general, this is a revamp of my previous Self-MOC from 2015, which you can see here:


I figured that it was about time it got a remake. But in comparison, which do you think is better? Do you think I improved build-wise or still didn’t improve all that much? I know my photography still hasn’t improved. At all. Or it’s technically worse since I still haven’t solved my lighting problems.

Wireless and Without Hoods/Capes:

Extras & Close ups:

DSCN6439 a
DSCN6447 a
DSCN6474 a
At one point, I had considered giving him a monocle. Ended up being a bit too silly, but figured I’d share the experiment.

Comments and criticisms are always welcomed. Harder to improve with silence.


That’s one heck of a revamp!


I dunno, I like the monocle version.


My sister really liked it too, but I’m more biased towards telescoping/scope designs.


His torso is much shorter than his legs, but I like it anyway!


Nice revamp!:+1:

I really like how

  1. Much more greebled it is than the previous version
  2. It evokes intimidation more; the cloak being an especially decisive contribution to this, utilizing the scariness through shrouded-ness principle Greg Farshtey discussed in his interview with ElJay a year or two back.
  3. You did the neat thing of incorporating the Mindstorms cables, utilizing a parts loophole to keep it 100% LEGO.:+1:

Which brings me to a Question:

Who was his avatar in FC’s Universe?


An excellent question, but who’s to say it was merely one, if any were granted the honor and curse? Most were his creations, and those whom did not originate from him were altered copies.

Though some were duplicated and carried over into alternate realities to serve such a purpose. A certain vigilante who also had a fondness for cords and cables.


Hmm… Most curious. :point_up:

Another Question:

When you wrote the HF Audio Logs story, did you have in mind exactly what the machinations, motives, and malcontents behind the curtains were, or did you make it up as you went along?

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Both. I lean towards what one writer called a controlled pantser, with a bit of mix of the plantser type just above it. That is to say, I know most of the motives of the characters, arcs, major scenes and dialogue pieces, story beats, etc.; a good chunk of it is planned out, but it’s all in my head. If I have any guiding outline, it’s more floaty so that it can change and adapt as I discover some things through the writing process. I don’t have all details nailed down, so plenty of things are made up as I go along. Sometimes I know exactly how characters and events go from point A, B, C, etc. and other times I know only how some connect initially and find out the rest later. Rarely do I not know the end and beginning.

If an example would help, you need only look at the backgrounds/histories of my Dark Hunter characters here. Some foreshadow or hint at connections, others outright call it; and some where known about in advanced while others were added later. Can’t ever really read one and get the complete picture. Read them all and you can see how they build on each other and the larger narrative thread weaving between them all.


Interesting. :+1:

In that case:

Might I inquire as to what exactly the Mr. Makuro of FC’s universe was up to?

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That I plan on keeping my secret, as I am no longer satisficed with the answer. Though for a vague answer, he was still looking to do good for the universe, just not by the best of methods.


Well, that answer’s good enough enough for me.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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