Burner the brute

This moc is partners in with freezer

from front

from back


Burner is extremely strong and can heat his claws to a near melting temperature. He works for the dark hunters.


gonna be honest hen I saw the title I thought it would be a brute from halo

anyways, he looks cool, I really like the gold and gunmetal color scheme and his claws


Not bad. Pretty decent use of those claw pieces.

That looks pretty cool, I especially like the foot as back armor. I don’t really like the look of the claws on the shoulders though.

Also, watch out for people complaining about it being not being completely unique.

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Piston-addon spam >^~^)>

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Not sure the Skull Spider mask entirely works here, but otherwise it’s not half bad.

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The color sceme flows nicely, tho the shoulder and hip areas are a bit gappy. And as was previously stated, the foot for back armor is a bit odd. He looks good tho.


No huge issues here other than the open socket from the foot on his back.

I assume he got the back armor idea from the Breakout Hero sets.

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They use feet as back armor? Never knew that.

Not the actual sets. The online game had them use feet as back armor.


Ah, okay.

@Shaymin36 @Political_Slime
the actual breakout sets had feet for backarmour

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Which ones? I had Surge, Evo, and Nex and none of them had feet for back armor.

Rocka, breez, splitface had feet as backarmour

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Huh. Didn’t know that…

On-topic: This MOC looks aight, though it seems to be spamming a few parts (mainly the skull spider legs and new clipons)

Also voltix. And thanks for the feedback everyone!

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