Bushido of Fire Falchion

So I have decided to not add in more then power, element, and personality for every new moc I post sins I am a story writer and some of what I posted before have been small spoilers for my characters and where the story for each of them where going so I have decided to not post more then this information I do plan to post the pro log here later on though do not know what topic I can post it in, also will not post the pro log until after I'm done with chapter 6 of the story because by then I should be at the middle of the story of volume one of my original fan story Bionicle legends of Toa Toras (still working on the name).

Name: Falchion
(Name Origin Monster hunter 4 Ultimate Rathalos weapon Blazing Falchion)
Element: Fire

Power:Control over fire
Weapon's: Giant Flame sword named Blazing Cutter, hook claws on arm used for defense as well as offense when not having his weapon, they are also used when claiming in the City of Anubi-Metru

Personality: Falchion is hard headed and never backs down from a battle, if provoked he can lose his temper real fast and go berserk trowing away his weapon and using his claws to fight.
Normally docile he love's a good fight and is always first in line to go on the attack

back picture.

Final picture.

Thanks for me see you all at the next moc :slight_smile:


The I like what you tried to do with the Vorox armor on the sword as a hilt, but the Mata Feet doesn't work, and the friction add-on feels unnecessary.

I wanted to make him taller that's why I added the friction add-on.
And about the mata feet at first I wanted to use the borohk foot's like I did for my moc Daigun the smith but did not have any red one's left in my room, all my old bionicle parts where put in the basement inside a plastic bag, sins I did not have the space for more stuff in my room.