Butcher: Titanic Bringer of Carnage

I’ve been in a slight creative rut as of late. In an effort to alleviate this, I have gone and built another Dark Hunter using only pieces available in 2005 or earlier. Now all that’s left is to make a hunter in Blue, and a hunter in White. Also, I think this guy might be my tallest moc.

Korvan first came to life in the southern islands where, much like the rest of his species, Korvan lived out a rather simple life, hunting wild game and occasionally engaging in combat with other tribes. One day while journeying along the coast, Korvan would be attacked and rendered unconscious by a group of Steltian slavers, who installed a device capable of nullifying his teleportation powers on the titan.

Upon his awakening, Korvan found himself in the gladiatorial pits of Stelt, where he soon found himself reveling in the cheers and agitation of the spectators as they watched him disembowel opponent after opponent. This would awaken in Korvan a great fondness for the violent acts he was forced to carry out, and soon he would take to adding a certain flair to his matches; whenever he had successfully defeated an opponent, Korvan would take his defeated foe and tear them to pieces with his powerful jaw. These displays of savageness would escalate to the point that in a violence fueled haze Korvan would go berserk and attempt to attack his handler, for which Korvan would be forcibly declawed. The loss of his claws would affect Korvan’s performance very little, as it only served to marginally drag out the matches much to the crowd’s enjoyment.

During one of these matches, a group of Dark Hunters were in attendance, looking to see if any of the gladiators could make for potential agents. While initially showing interest in Korvan’s opponent; a Toa Hordika with a plasma caster, Korvan’s brutal slaughter of the former Su-Toa caught their attention instead. Initially the hunters attempted to buy Korvan’s freedom, but his handler was unwilling to barter with them for “his star employee”. Undeterred, the Hunters would break into the pits that night and free Korvan. Using a shrink Kanoka to hide him, the three Hunters would leave Stelt for Odina, where they would present their find (and the fact he cost nothing) to the Shadowed One, who would give Korvan the offer to join his organization, an offer he accepted.

Now operating under the name Butcher, freed of the power disrupting device and wielding a pair of serrated blades, he would be partnered with the mad scientist Tinker, the two quickly striking up a friendship based on their shared fondness for “playing” with others. The pair would frequently be tasked with investigating regions and villages which failed to meet the Shadowed One’s demands or hunting down and who tried to betray the Dark Hunters. One such mission saw the two being led on a multi month long hunt for a Skakdi of Iron who stole an experimental weapon from the hunters, missing out on the Toa-Dark Hunter was as a result.

This would remain the status-quo for Butcher, frequently hunting down rogue Hunters looking to escape the Shadowed One or later on desiring to defect to the Brotherhood of Makuta. During a mission to hunt down a Steltian who had attempted to escape his debt to the Dark Hunters, Butcher would find himself back on Stelt, where he would detour from his mission to find his old handler, whom he would beat into a pulp and finish off by biting his head off, leaving the body for Tinker to later turn into a mindless drone.

When The Order of Mata-Nui revealed themselves and allied with the Dark Hunters against the Brotherhood, Butcher would find his role switching from a Hunter of traitors to a deliverer of information between the Order and Dark Hunters, while still finding time to slaughter Rahkshi and Brotherhood-loyal Skakdi whenever the opportunity presented itself. Following the destruction of the Matoran Universe, Butcher would be one of many who evacuated to Spherus Magna, where he would regroup with the Shadowed One and the other Dark Hunters.

Traits and Abilities: Butcher’s species are regarded as malevolent, rahi-like savages; Butcher embodies all of these tales and claims regarding his people. Like all members of his species, Butcher is a rather single-minded individual, dedicated to one, absolute goal: in his case, the indiscriminate slaughter and maiming of others. This goal frequently gets carried out as part of his missions, as Butchers barbaric nature often sees him sent to do away with those who seek to betray the Dark Hunters or back out on a deal with them or paying protection widgets. With that said, murder is not the only thing Butcher enjoys; He also is quite fond of providing new test subjects for Tinker’s experiments, mainly because he is frequently allowed to observe the often times gruesome procedures.

Butcher possesses immense strength and stature, as is common for his species. He also possesses great fangs which he often uses whenever dispatching a foe. Butcher also wields a pair of serrated blades in place of the claws he had lost long ago on Stelt. Along with that Butcher wields an elctro-rocket cannon mounted to his arm, though it frequently goes unused due to Butchers preference for getting up close with his opponents. Butcher possesses his species’ natural teleportation ability, a power often used to confuse his opponents.


I would assume he’s Botar’s species right?
nice moc!


That’s the intention.


Even Botor went through a “phase”.


He’s like an Anti Botar, love that, really wish we knew more about Botar’s species and their giant creepy mouths and you don’t often see mocs of them so it’s very appreciated.
Love it.


he looks pretty cool!
i like the torso, it’s very unique.