"Butter Knife" - The Hand-Sized LEGO Weapon

##At last, a topic for my favourite mythical mod sword, “Butter Knife” :smile:.

####Full shots:



####Hand to blade comparison:

####Gettin’ ready to slice up spam (holding weapon):


lookes nice man


Thanks, Man of Mocs! :smile:

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A bit confused as to why the hilt suddenly gets half as thin. Still really good though, I like how you used Jaller’s blade.

Reminds me of the butterfly knife I made from technic.

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I’m not able to see most of the images.

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Cool, the Jaller blade really helps to complete it.

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Now make a MOC to wield it. :stuck_out_tongue:
But seriously, that’s very cool.

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Yeah, twas mostly because of the way I designed it. My other sword’s grip is thinner as it uses these pieces instead:

I really need to get better lighting… and take better pictures.

This looks great!

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Thanks, I was wondering how it’d be perceived. Since, I think it’s a piece that’s used quite often in mocs. But, idk, it just seemed right.

Thanks, mayn :smile:.

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yes me am Man of Moc me cool cid 2

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You had dis on the “What do you look like” topic, didn’t ya? Noice. :smile:

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You are correct, sir :stuck_out_tongue:.


That look tho.

“I will find you, and I will delete all of your double-posts.” :joy:


Yip :stuck_out_tongue:

(so many… though recently I’ve mainly had to deal with off-topic posts, and closin’ topics.)


Sweet sword and photos man! But… so many ball-joints on a single MOC! (and they don’t even help posability! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Edited title -legomaster


I’ll probably create a stand for it.

(but it’s a sword tho, it doesn’t need to be posable. Just needs to fit well in the hand. Also I’m totally bringin’ this to BrickFête)


That would be awesome (the stand would come in useful too). If you wanna make some other life-size stuff, they actually have a competition for wearable LEGO.


Woah! That seems really interesting…

Well, time to work on a full suit of Lego armor.

also thx for editin’ dat title, i woz no gud befuur, ow it iz


( drinking game before you read this post, take a drink of lemonade every time i say the word gun ) this gets a topic, but i cant find one of the gun you made, waj what do you have against guns, they are kinda of good for your health, this moc looks good but i want to see the gun one, the gun one is a pretty good one, the gun one works well with this moc which is still good but clearly your playing favs because of the poor gun moc, that gun moc is the gunist gun i ever did see and ive not seen any guns. still a good butter knife but i need a hatchet. well umm this saved this dead topic i hope.