Buwaya the Reptilian Mercenary

Services available to the highest bidder. Guarantees 100% satisfaction on every job. So far none have regretted their purchase. But many have regretted getting in his way.

The name Buwaya is Filipino for crocodile, in case you were wondering where I got that from.



Also you managed to use the Mata torso :grin:


As long as it’s not German, I’m fine with that.


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The feet and hands are huge, but otherwise it’s pretty nice.

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What I love about this MOC is that the red accents the green WITHOUT looking like a christmas tree. Well done, bravo.

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I was wondering the same thing? What’s wrong with German?

Nice use of some bootleg part colors. The colors work quite well for a reptile and you also managed to find another use for Cragger’s head, so that’s nice.

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Embrace the power of Philippines’ crocodiles!

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I’m loving this new Killer Croc set /s
Jokes aside, I really like how you used the Mata torso and made it look good

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Too much of that nowadays. As someone who speaks the language, it physically hurts when I see it used as name or to sound edgy. Use English for that.

That’s just me though.

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Always appreciate when someone integrates mata and metru torsos in their mocs, this one is done very creatively.

People use german to sound edgy? I’ve never seen that, poetic? Sure, but not edgy

I envy you.

I like how Buwaya’s fingers are the same colour as its lower jaw. Is that olive green?

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Thanks! I believe it is olive green.