buyers remorse

We have a topic for things you want to buy, just got, but what about a topic about things you’ve already got that you regret spending money on?


Well, I felt a lot of buyer’s remorse after buying two HF invasion from below sets; however, now I keep finding ways to use the pieces I got in those sets. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I guess it’s not buyer’s remorse anymore.


I regred buying Hordika Vakama. If you started collecting Bionicle at 2004 or at the very least got spoiled by the greateness that was the Metru at the time, going to 2005 with the Hordika was a massive downgrade.

Thankfully, Knights Kingdoms Sir Jayko and Inika Jaller brought some enjoyement after that initial purchase. With Jaller I finally got a descent Red guy hero…but still want a Toa Metru Vakama and Hordika Vakama is just trash that betrayed me.

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overwatch loot boxes, nuff said

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Everytime I need to buy lunch


When it comes to Lego, I regret buying the Exo Force Sentai Base and some Power Miners. I found them to be delicate and I didn’t know what to do with them after a while.

A couple of months ago I would have said the EV3 too, but I recently got seriously into it and I really like it now.

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battlefield 1.

If we talking about games, its Mass Effect 3. Returned the game for money and just pirated it later on cause EA doesnt deserve money for their sins. Its not like CD Projekt Red where I would actively avoid playing their games if I dont have the money to buy it legit cause of the consumer trust CD has created with proper consumer respect.

I regret buying both Hewkii Inika and Piraka Zaktan. The 2006 canister sets just…didn’t do it for me like other years. There was a bit of intrigue at first, but after a while I came to prefer the designs of other sets I bought.


The Metru were far better in a lot of aspects (mainly their pieces didnt brake like the Inikas had). I still think that the Inika werent as bad as the Hordika. Ugly butterfaces, but definitely not as bad as the Hordika.

The only redeeming things with the Inika that sets them from the rest are the light up swords, posable arms( thought his can be easily added ro the metru builds) and some cool pieces (like legs, and armor shells).


I bought Transformers Armada Sideswipe, which ended up being one of the worst TFs I own.

blowing 50$ on this:

this video should help y’all understand what i might be in for.


I once bought a $20 tool box and thought it would be a decent display storage and display, unfortunately I have no place to hang it and must leave it on the floor while I have display case that are much cheaper or better.

I must be lucky if the most recent buyer’s remorse I’ve had was buying Tomb Raider Legend on Steam.

I’ve never really regretted a purchase because what I got sucked or was poorly made, but there are a few instances where I regretted spending money on something when it could have gone to something I would have found more useful or enjoyable.

Huh, I kinda want one now

Fast food. It’s not worth it. I lose a bunch of my cash to it. I need to stop.