Buying Shadow Traps

Hello there im currently in the market for one of each kind of shadow trap as listed below. Im also looking for 5 shadow trap halve pieces by themselves along with eight of these pieces.

List of things still needed
Ikir Shadow Trap
Uxar Shadow trap
Terak Shadow trap
Ketar Shadow Trap
Akida Shadow Trap
Eight trans light blue claw pieces
5 shadow trap halves

Additional if you know of any place that is just selling these things such as ebay I would like to know.


check out “bricklink” it’s a website dedicated to LEGO fans buying/selling anything LEGO.
the trap pieces are pretty new, but with any luck, someone will have them. :smile:


Yes I know about bricklink and a whole 3 sellings are selling the trap piece one of which is in in the uk and another one I cant buy from. The last guy only had 9 shadow trap halves.

But you said you only need 5?

i need 6 full traps included in the sets already along with 5 reguler halve peices 9 halves only gets me 4 complete shadow traps and I need eight and a half

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Well then go to your local toy store and buys those and then go back to BrickLink and buy those 9 pieces?

Ok let me try and be clear with something hear, I am coming hear to buy someone else 6 shadow traps and to buy 5 halve pieces

Im not going to go spend 70 dollars on sets I already have just to get 6 more shadow traps

I am specifically asking for anyone who is selling there shadow traps so that I can buy them.

I could sell you a couple of the trans light blue claw pieces; I have quite a few. Do you have PayPal?