Buzz vs Godzilla in Detroit

Click to add so much text that it isn’t even possible to read it all in one sitting now let me tell you a little story about how Buzz Lightyear was able to defeat godzilla in under 3 minutes. It was a cold and dark evening, and alo buzz lightyear was there and he was about to be defeated by the might fighting machine gary busy with was not good and the godzilla was there and gery busey was screa,ing but buzz used his amazing attack of stars and fake vomit and godzilla ated it and then it was the end times because godzilla did the largest bellyflop on thhe city of Detroit and buzz flew away only to be locked awat in jail the end

I think my friend who wrote this has a little to much time on their hands.

I have no idea…

Um good story.

No matter what the title and category on this are wrong.

The title says nothing about the content.

Off Topic isn’t where we post stories.


This was just a random story written by a friend who was really bored.


Changed category -Xevy

The title comes from a powerpoint he was working on about the Emperor of Rome, Augustus. I think the title just shows how weird and unpredictable this… thing is.

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Would “Buzz vs Godzilla in Detroit” work?

The title is as consistent as the story.

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what even…

I fail to see the point in all this.

I thought once the CTRL-V topic was closed this kind of stuff wouldn’t show up on the boards.

Apparently I was wrong.

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Oh, no. Once a meme topic is closed, another pops up. They’re a necessary part of the boards, to keep memes out of the other topics. Now that it’s closed, the mods are like “Clean it all it must be cleaned. All memes must be removed”.

The last one was the CTRL-V topic right?

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Yea. That, the “quality” fan art topic, and before that, the bionicle meme topic.

I just like imagining someone like Var or Meso seeing this.


If we had this closed for spam, let’s not remake it, OK?

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