The 4chan of the Lego/Bionicle community.

Let’s talk about it.


Care to explain why you call it that? If it was like 4chan in any way I don’t think I would have survived when I joined at the age of eight. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not in terms of content, just in terms of reputation and other things.

Also joining at eight? I though for myself 9-10 was bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s also as bad and horrible now days as 4chan mostly.



I joined just over a week short of turning nine, but yeah, technically eight, as I like to point out my account’s older than my youngest sister.

If you just mean in terms of it being bad, 4chan has a LOT of morally void and questionable content but it still has a lot of just discussion and talking about things that are completely different than what it gets its reputation from - it’s not completely awful.

BZPower, I don’t have a negative opinion of it despite it going downhill, I don’t sympathize with the people that are perceived for making it worse but I don’t really think the place is that much worse for having people passionate about social activism discuss it in a few topics or their blogs; those are not even close to being what the site is all about nowadays, it’s just what everyone seems to cherry pick from the site to argue about.



I just got Invictused. Darn.

Not even Kahi’s skills can save me now from the debate.

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Not really debating, just stating an opinion from a different perspective, one that’s been to different parts of 4chan many of times and been to BZP almost every day for nearly ten years. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: I can see how posting contrary to even your last post could start a debate of its own o.o

Man, 4chan many times?
That’s insane.
Like, MLG PR0.

I can’t handle going on their for even 30 minutes a day, it’s too much.

The only reason I ever go to BZP is to read “The Destiny of Bionice,” a fanfiction that’s updated regularly


I usually hang out in BZPower’s “Story lines and Theories” forum. It is usually a more intelligent and respectful place than the rest of the site. Because of this, my opinion of the site is generally more positive than most.

I used to write and read comedies and read the news in the old days. Now, I just look at the news every now and then. Never went back to the forums after the update. I guess that’s why I feel out of the loop when people talk about corruption, because I don’t think I’ve seen the mods do or say anything outside of closing stories because someone posted too long after the last person did.


so someone on facebook picked a fight with me because I mentioned ttv and said we have more problems then they do


Tell them our only problem is Beef and @Nyran still being alive.
They have more little kids.
They have more SJWs.
They have a worse reputation.
They are a zealot ■■■■■ who can’t accept the fact we chose another place to talk over BZP.


I mean, it’s really easy to have more than none, so…


not really
if anything

like @Chro said somewhere

this message boards has more kids.

I didn’t know Beef had such an irrational view of BZP
the oversaturation of SJWs is a reasonably legitimate thing though

[quote=“BeefJStag, post:12, topic:806”]
They are a zealot ■■■■■ who can’t accept the fact we chose another place to talk over BZP.
[/quote]not sure about this one, it sounds like you’re referring to a specific person rather than the whole site

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Ah, yeah I was referring to the one guy.


First things first: Despite what I have heard of about BZPower, it is NOT the 4chan of the lego/bionicle community. 4chan is worse. I have watched videos on 4chan, people

So yeah, I have a BZP account, but I don’t really use it. It’s nothing against the website, it’s just that BZP doesn’t feel welcoming to me. It’s really hard to explain, so I am not going to. and no, it’s not because of the bionicle soundtrack topic I made just in case anyone saw that. For me, I feel more comfortable on the TTV message boards. Despite disagreements, everyone here is cool and friendly (excluding the occasional troll and flame baiter) and the TTV podcast are also really cool and interact with the massage boards a lot. In short, I have a great time here.

So there, I’ve said my piece. Even though I said I am more comfortable here, I may go check out BZP again sometime.


I have made a tweet on my twitter saying this: (heads up to anyone who love watching me ranting, I may make a video talking about review and BZPower)
“If there was an award for the most boring ■■■ live stream and review of the year, BZPower would get it immediately.”

Another thing, they don’t know a single thing about the definition of criticism and bashing because it seems like they think criticism is praising someone said creation and not bring up any problems about it. Also they fail at making rules for contest, especially back when they did MOC contest #69 where you make a G1 set in the style of a G2 and yet MOCs that look more like revamp and nothing like G2 style at all, was entered.

Yeah, BZP is kinda boring now. I still love Bionicle, but I’ve been hanging out here more recently.

Everybody just seems to be arguing about stupid small plot points and stuff I’ve already heard. Even the people doing the reviews sound bored.

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I have an account, made a comment praising HF…

then forgot my password. even if I know what it is.