C.A.T.S (Mobile Game)

So Zeptolab (the guys who made Cut the Rope) just released another game in a similar vein to King of Theives, though it’s based around cats having a demolition derby and winning the championships with help from your uncle with a smoking habit.

You accumulate a rating by winning battles which in turn help you with leagues.

There’s also another league system beneath that, where you have to beat other players’ cars to get medals, and the more medals you get the easier it is to win and be promoted to the next league of that kind.

Another feature is getting sponsors, who give you supplies to build better cars, and Quick Fights, where you battle a random player to get a win streak, rating, and when you win three fights you get a box, which has supplies.

I won’t spoil any more (mainly because I started this game yesterday and that’s the extent of my knowledge), so what are your thoughts on this game? Do you play it?


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I used to, it’s pretty fun.