C1-Z, Spartan 0, ONI experiment

Name: C1Z (pronounced See-One-Zed, this is his true name which ties into his backstory that may or may not be revealed more as time goes on, no one else knows it and he only tells them to call him Zed)

Gender: Male

Species: Human (physically, DNA wise he he is a mix of human and a few of the aliens involved/previously involved with the covenant, such as sangheili or kig-yar, only small amounts but they gave him minor abilities of whichever he had)

Armor Ability: Basic healing system and Bullet redirection, which while activated it slowly drains his shield, larger/large amounts/ of bullets can cause it to use more energy and drain faster, while activated the energy of his shield starts to flow, any bullets that hit curving around his body and continuing on, basically it forms a bubble around him, so say two enemies are in front of and behind him and they both shoot, the bullets’ll curve around him and hit the other, and yes it can redirect plasma, bazooka and needler shots but not a hunters mortar shot/shot like it, that will hit him. There is a 15-20 minute delay between uses dependent on if he lets the ability fully drain his shields or deactivates it early. Both require an A.I. To run at maximum capacity.

Armor & Colors: (both in pic)

As stated in bio this is an experimental suit of spartan armour, it was originally a Mark V suit but he upgraded. It’s shield is lower than usual, about 3/4’s of a mark V but it’s made up for by its armour ability and it only takes about 2/4- 3/4 the time of a Mark V to recharge, so low shield but quick recharge.

He can also change the colours of it at will due to some of its functions, he just likes what he has now but he could basically make it pitch black and purple if he wanted to (or at least if ‘someone’ wanted to)

Primary Weapon: Sniper rifle

Secondary Weapon: Assualt rifle (can he also have a Magnum? It’s small.) has a tendency to lose/replace his Assult rifle… a lot.

he will drop most of his weapons when he’s out of ammo for any others he finds or that he considers better but he prefers to keep his Sniper for as long as possible.

A.I.: Enderlord, Endbringer, Ender, End, The reaper, Destroyer, yada yada yada, basically he changes it a lot and whenever he does its related to death or destruction, so far he’s stuck on Enderlord and abbreviations of such.
Basically he was a very low clas dumb A.I. until The Virus infected him and upgraded his intelligence and sentience, he renamed himself after due to hatred of the years he spent as a dumb A.I. Doing nothing but keeping the freighter running and obeying orders.

He was originally a dumb A.I. for a freighter ship until he was infected by an intelligent virus that only infected A.I.'s, luckily it can only infect one A.I. at a time and can’t fully control it, only slightly influence it, but in doing so it reprograms them, changing their personality to a more destructive, malicious one and upgrading their intelligence to match with a basic smart A.I. if they’re lower, basically it makes them go rampant without truly becoming rampant and it also prevents them from ever reaching true rampancy. Unfortunately the virus has only two priorities, causing as much damage, of any kind, as possible and connecting to a network that will allow it to jump to a new A.I. and then causing it’s current A.I. to be destroyed. It so far has been proven untraceable and unblockable due to lack of knowledge on how it works so effective protection programs can’t be made. Enderlord is its current host and is also its longest lasting host and the only one to realize it was infected and start creating an antivirus program for it. He realized about the infection with Zed’s help and they are both currently working on deleting ‘The Virus’ and undoing as much of its changes to Ender as possible, so far they have been able to repair most of its damage to Enderlord and his personality has been almost fully repaired, unfortunately that doesn’t mean all of it was reversible, while he is less evil and such he is still more malicious and maniacal than A.I.'s are allowed to be without being deleted and he is quite grumpy, all of which have so far proven to be irreversible and due to the changes he doesn’t care much.

Basically he is like cortana only dumber and less sentient by s bit, I.e. He’s stuck in a chip and his chip became fused with Zed due to a fault in the A.I. socket the scientists put in him, so no jumping through radios and taking control of others, really the only way to get it out of him would kill Zed and also kill Ender due to how fused the chip became.

Bio: C1Z’s past is unknown even to those he’s worked with before, he has never let any one know of it and has managed to keep himself dissociated with any incidents that could possibly reveal it.

He was originally part of an experimental Spartan project that ONI attemtped before allowing Dr. Halsey to go though with hers, the Spartan 0’s, originally they were attempting to make one working Spartan though… Questionable means, while not stealing kids they were attempting to grow a human or at least close to it and then improve it to work as a Spartan and follow the orders then clone it, ultimately it failed until they found Zed, an orphan found in a cyro tube (or whatever they are) in the remnants of a destroyed… ship was the best word they had for it, all that was left were large metal scraps surrounded by relatively large meteors/stone fragments, nothing really ship like but it was the most logical situation.

He had no records and therefore they could consider him inhuman and do as they wished to him as long as info on him didn’t get out. He was perfect too, he had full amnesia, no memory of his past or even his name, he was basically brain dead at first and he appeared to have highly manipulatable DNA, which appeared to have already been partially utilized by others, his body showing some experimental like marks and when checked his DNA contained small traces of covenant alien DNA, not enough to cause any noticeable changes bit enough to be highly intriguing. His body accepted genetic changes easily, making their experiments go by faster and giving them more to work with.

They worked with the previously existing DNA, increasing the amount, modifying it and giving him more, all modified to attempt to give him the best abilities of each that was introduced to his genetics, the known and/or noticeable changes he gained were these, a jackles or Kig-yar’s, as they’re known, increased eyesight hearing and smell and partially hollow bones, making him lighter than he appears but also waking his bones slightly (an accident on their behalf) while not at their level it was much higher than the average humans, a mix of the jiralhanae’s and Sangheili’s increased strength and durability, despite his build, which for some reason continued to stay quite thin despite their changes, and somehow he gained a faster healing factor than e average human, which they focused in increasing greatly due to the weaknesses of his build. There might be others but he doesn’t know. The noticeable changes were his height, being changed by the Sangheili genetics, being about 7’ maybe taller, and fangs.

He was extensively trained, at a higher level than the Spartan 11’s at that, unfortunately the production for making Spartans like him would’ve been slower than Dr. Halsey’s methods, cloning not working with him due to his messed up DNA, so ONI shut down the project. But despite this they didn’t let Zed go, if the public discovered what had been done to him it would’ve ended quite badly, so they kept him and just used him for whatever experiments they felt like testing, just giving him the same excuse that it was to help him save the world and such. They had already been keeping him in a cyro tube for most of the time they’d have him to delay his aging process so he was still quite young and highly receptive to the tests, physically at least, for some reason he was always conscious and aware when inside the cyro tubes, this also is what led to him discovering that everything they had told him was a lie at this point, also as one can guess being isolated like that for so long drove a bit nuts, so he’s quite a bit crazy.

After a while of this a freighter ship crashed on the planet their base was on, near Reach, but far enough to not be discovered, when they investigated everyone was dead and all that was left functioning was the A.I., knowing how Halsey had given one of her Spartans an A.I. They decided to give Zed one, not being wary seeing as how he was expendable and the A.I. was a dumb type, or so they thought, a fatal mistake. After Zed was given Ender he attempted to take control, both minds fighting for control and putting Zed into an animalistic state where he ended up killing everyone in the base (Welp that’s what happens when you give a kid training like his) before regaining control and later escaping, steeling an experimental Spartan armour suit and ship, around this point he would’ve been considered a teenager/young adult.

After he made a bit of a name for himself in the covenant wars, not a name for humanity but himself, attacking both sides whenever he encountered them but never killing (purposefully), becoming know as the neutral Spartan and a few others. he wasn’t actively attacking either side, he just tended to travel around planets for fun and/or becuase the war came to it, and sometimes he’d end up running into either side, he really didn’t care about the war or participated in it but neither side really cared, as he learned whenever they attacked him, he couldn’t exactly be a true pacifist due to the war but he made do by not purposely killing anyone, of course that says nothing about maiming or crippling, he’d just take out anyone who attacked him and then escape the planet to find a new one. After a while he did end up joining the human side, finding them to be the better side, basically he preferred not being killed by the rings, he discovered exactly how corrupt the covenant was and got pretty pissed at how they were letting the jiralhanae’s act after they disbanded with the Sangheili, he dislikes those who hurt others for fun and he met and was saved by the chief once, he owed him a life debt and chose to repay it by helping his side.
He’s still quite a bit flightly with purposely helping them besides not shooting them, he typically ends up accidently finding a battle and helping them, rarely actively working with the UNSC and never ONI, purposefully at least,

If anything if he does get in if you guys are in a planet he’ll either have already been there or end up crashing (he has crashed quite a bit, he either repairs it or gets a new one, he already lost the original experimental ship years ago, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t tried to incorporate some of its tech into his later ships. And yes he has some training in repairing vehicles and Ender can connect to pretty much any network and just download the info.)

Also Ender can take control if Zed is injured enough/knocked unconscious or gets to negatively emotional (anger, sadness) and due to him being an A.I. he doesn’t feel things such as pain or exhaustion the same way as a human so even if Zed has been severely injured Ender can continue to push his body, such as if Zed was shot in the head, the bullet not hitting deep enough to kill or severely damage him Ender could control him and Zed could possibly heal from something like that, if it wasn’t to bad. But Ender does understand enough to know when to stop before he pushes to much.

Also as I have recently discovered my friend @ItsFrostbyte was inspired by me to make his own Spartan OC! Check it out here:

Also this is a partial WIP and will probably messed with at a future date.

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