Built for Round 1 of the 2019 Bio-cup. My sub-theme being Mercury.

Decided to go for a reference to Mercury the Roman God, who carries his staff named “Caduceus,” and also a reference to Mercury the element, with the actual staff portion of the build resembling a thermometer.

Overall, I’d say this was a really fun build, and was definitely out of my comfort zone, and I look forward to seeing how it holds against the competition.


It barely reminds me of Mercury’s/Hermes’ tool, but God this thing is good.

Looks really evil! Nice work with the wings also!

That thermometer is awesome! Plus the purple! This is a very unique and creative build!

So angelic. Except for the face, that’s just an evil minion

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Clearly he’s not ON Mercury right now or the thermometer reading would be coming out of his eyeball. Still a great MOC though, love the shaping on those snake heads.

Huh, this may sound odd, but this kinda reminds me of a Mixel…

Anyways, excellent job!

0/10, he’s not singing Queen on Mercury.


That’s fantastic. Well done, I hope you do well!

I does indeed invoke the caduceus look, very interesting design.

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bonus points if you add actual liquid mercury :grin:

Man, this is oddly lovecraftian, and I love it.