Calamari Reviews: Toa Iruini

I am reviewing set 8762 Toa Iruini, from 2005; released with and without Toa Norik.
He is meant to be the non mutated form of Rahaga Iruini, also released in 2005.

Good points

  • He has an excellent colour scheme of dark gold and dark green, making him look very regal.
  • He reuses the metru build, which is good.
  • He has good articulation, with elbow, wrist, leg, knee and foot movement.
  • He has both gear and rhotuka spinner, which is integrated into his shield with storage for extra rhotuka.

Bad points

  • Gear function makes the arm with it very floppy.
  • Other arm is held on with a pin, but the weight of the shield also causes it to be floppy
  • Rhotuka spinner can fall off the shield and also get lost.

Overall this is a very good set set, with a good construction and functions, as well as a good colour scheme; so I rate it 8/10.

Please tell me you thoughts about this set!


Do you have the set in-hand though

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@Rockho yes

Iruni is definitely my favorite of the two Toa Hagah (I still really like Norik though), the darker green and gold do indeed make for a more regal appearance, as does his general stature and style of weaponry. He also comes with a new Kanohi mold which I feel is a plus.


His he a toa of air or a toa of lightning? Cause he kind of look like a lightning toa with that box art.

Also, my iruini’s rhotuka shield only works the other way round than the building instructions tell you to.

Iruini’s a decent set. Back then gold was considered rare but now it’s so common that it really cheapens this set unless you’re looking for the darker shade. It always bugged me that his spear is too heavy for him to hold without positioning it on the ground and there’s no way to hold the gear function in place. The spinner also falls out of the shield with relative ease. Overall, I prefer Matau over Iruini.