Caleb's WIP MOCs

First up i will be putting out the forgotten toa team. Up first the toa of ice lynaka. Front

would have put other angles but its not working so i will put them up as soon as possible


Corrected Category.


You beat me to it Ek…



This is by far the best MOC I’ve ever had the fortune of seeing, keep up the good work.


It’s alright. It looks as if you went for a skeletal thing here, and it comes of very well. However, I must warn you that some people will criticize you for the use of a Rahkshi head, as they are a MOCing trope.

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I do not have many white pices

He looks like a skeleton very spoky


This is the most unique placement for Zamor holder I’ve ever seen. o_O


That was the reason i put it there the MOC was built around it

Well, it’s an inikabuild

And it has a unique torso

If you managed to make the shoulders closer to the Zamor-container-spine, while also keeping his proportions correct, this would be a pretty sweet build.

As it is the torso looks a bit weird, and the rest of him is bog-standard.


Why you no show me earlier :angry:, just kidding. This MOC is quite unique looking and an interesting use of that piece, @Hawkflight pretty much got my thought’s down with his post. So just try to improve on that point about the torso and you’ve got something good…

this is out of know were but this is a earlier version of my main yet un named moc so if you have a complaint it may have been corrected by now. I have been slowly upgrading him since the start of the year. I do not have a up to date picture but the major concept is there. If i find a more updated image i will share it



Thanks to someone very special i have fully updated pictures i did not do poses as i am unable to access it from my current condition front

back he is yet unnamed however his back story is un clear as im still tossing ideas around with @EvilLobsterKing. The main idea is he was a a student under one of the mask makers and some time after the event involving the mask of ultimate power he was recruited by makuta . Some were along he learnt how to steel the power of masks. A second idea is that he was never a student but a thief who took old masks and learnt how to craft his own masks. I would love to here any and all criticisms but please circle any problems you have so i can have a clear image of were it is. I plan to replace most if not all visible blue pins.

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It’s looking good my friend, so much better than the original you showed me many months ago…

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I was considering trying to find that on Skype, XD.

In all seriousness though, it’s been great to watch your creation evolve and improve…

My last updat to my moc for a whole year so you’ll have to wait till 2016

he is going under major feet reconstruction and upgrades. current protector feet are place holders

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Good to see you going right up to the end of the year!
I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future…