Call Of Duty

We have no idea if that's a game character, I can't think of any COD games where the main character was on the cover

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I really doubt those soldiers are supposed to represent zombies. I have no doubt a zombie mode will be included, but judging from that picture it seems more like they are supposed to be part of the characters squad.

The way he looks kinda gives a tone of trauma, which makes me wonder if this years installation is gonna be more mature and less explosive and over the top. It's hard to believe perhaps, but CoD didn't start out as a game equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster directed by Michael Bay, but as a game that depicted war through a normal soldier's eyes. It would also make sense since they are banking hard on the "going back to the roots" part.

those soldiers are just soldiers, and zombies is it's own separate thing, but seeing that this game belongs to sledgehammer, I wouldnt be too hyped for the zombies, since last time they tried it sucked

I'm pretty sure this is Yuri

Yuri didn't have that much hair

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there's always a dude on the cover but it's never the main character lmao

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that's so cool.

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Meh. I feel like I've seen this all before. Doesn't excite me, but then again, I didn't think it would.

I feel like I'm somewhere inbetween here. It definitely looks good, and it was probably the right time to leave the futuristic setting in favor of returning to WWII.

On the other hand, it literally looks like every WWII video game ever made but with better graphics and more advanced technology. I get that's what most people probably wanted anyway, and I would lie if I said I wasn't intrigued about storming the beach of Omaha with Sledgehammers graphical engine. It's just that it's always the same battles over and over, every single time.

There's a lot more than just D-Day and such with WWII that never, or very rarely, gets to be portrayed and would be very interesting to be able to see. Like the Battle of Dunkirk, the Winter War in Finland, the occupations of both Norway and Denmark, the Warsaw Uprising, and many more battles and events.

As I said, I'm still interesting to see what Sledgehammer will bring to the table with this game. I just wish it wasn't all about the same battles that have been portrayed over and over again.

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That could be a video game all on it's own. Or the Africa campaign. No one seems to remember the Africa campaign!

I think that'll be the tagline for most of the reviews this fall. Maybe if this does well though, in 2020 we'll get Call of Duty: WWII 2 that'll feature more areas of conflict.

I think the multiplayer will need a big overhaul as well to make it playable for a lot of people. I bet your average 12 year old quick scoper isn't too happy with all of this news today.

most of the games' main character is american, or british, it seems like those two are the only ones who exist, or that matter

That is definitely true, ironically enough I think only CoD games have portrayed the African campaign with both Finest Hour and CoD2, at least to my knowledge. Wouldn't say no to more of that of course!

And the French, but only the resistance. Sometimes the Russians too, but other than that...

Hmmm... kind of got me to feel some feels there.

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Interesting marketing campaign this time around. Instead of the typical "There's A Soldier In All of Us", they're going with "Get Your Squad Back Together", as if they're acknowledging the fact that a bunch of people have jumped ship in recent years.

Although I don't like the idea of a guy abandoning his wife and kids to play a video game. Otherwise, great trailer. Much improved from last year's "screw it, let's go to space!". :dizzy_face:


Idk, I feel like that all the time

I don't know, at least that one showed stuff from the game. This one doesn't at all.

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we had an open beta and 500 trailers, do we really need to see more

No, but it doesn't make sense for me to have a live action trailer that doesn't feature any props related to the game.

If anything, I had expected more cheese from this trailer.


I hate the series

This is a billion times better:

activision’s gonna find some way to foul this up
also >blizzard launcher